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After the Gold Rush there was Ziggy Stardust and a Honky Chateau

The early 70s were rich in musical opportunities for a kid of 14. My older brothers had plenty of albums to play, but they did not really want me touching their stuff. Still, I’d sneak a play of their Beatles … Continue reading

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There are four sides to every runner

We like to think of ourselves as well-rounded athletes. But actually, we’re really a bunch of squares. You have a front and a back, and two sides. You’re square. I also happen to have the same inseam length as the measurement … Continue reading

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Even the losers get lucky sometimes

Thomas Earl Petty was born Oct. 20, 1950, in Gainesville, Fla., the first child of Earl and Katherine “Kitty” Petty. Petty had a difficult relationship with his father, and cited a particularly brutal beating he received at age 5 that … Continue reading

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Life in a fog

There is a fog spread across the entire Midwest this morning. It is nothing more than a cloud come to earth. But it has the smell of fog. That wet, specific smell of fog that goes everywhere with you. I … Continue reading

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Losing everything you have

On the small screen of my iPhone, the Weather Channel app showed an aerial shot of the before and after damage from the hurricane known as Irma. Even at such a small scale, the wreckage of homes and the debris … Continue reading

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No better place than Decorah, Iowa

As a freshman at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, the new environment around our college campus was a mystery. Those first few weeks looping around town in training for cross-country amounted to one unveiling after another. There were gravel roads … Continue reading

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Taking inspiration where you find it

That’s me in the lower left of this photo with the buzz cut and the happy grin. That’s because I was a basically happy kid in fourth grade. My teacher was an amazing person named Miss Kegerreis. She was blonde, … Continue reading

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Glenn’s labor of love

Glenn Lyle was what he characterizes as “a decent runner” in the years just before Frank Shorter’s won the 1972 Olympic marathon and set off the first running boom. Lyle graduated from the Elgin High School cross country and track … Continue reading

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A 20-miler in 80-degree heat and no water. Insane? Or just another day’s work…

In the early days of a warm September, our college cross country team was scheduled to run a 20-mile run. The route called for ten miles up to a school called North Winnishiek and back. We ran on the gravel … Continue reading

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The light and shadow in your eyes

In late summer when the sun goes low in the sky, the shadows thrown across the road by trees or other structures can produce a flicker that seems to reverberate deep inside your mind. And it is known that the … Continue reading

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