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Past perfect weather predictions

During brilliant fall weather in the college October cross country season, I used to joke with teammates by saying, “We won’t have weather like this till April 10!” Winters back then tended to be dark, cold and unrelenting. After November’s … Continue reading

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Bloody good to be alive

This morning’s training session was conducted on a very busy indoor track at the Vaughn Center, the health club facility to which we belong in Aurora. There were two separate youth track teams working out, a pickup basketball game infringing … Continue reading

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An All-Comers meet in May at midnight under a full moon

There is a week or two every year that falls in the gap between when college runners complete their track season and the NCAA national meets. For runners┬áthat have not yet reached the qualifying mark for nationals, there are All-Comers … Continue reading

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The small joys of incremental progress

Yesterday was a track session at the Vaughn Center, a public fitness facility that has a 200-meter indoor track. It’s a great place to run on a February afternoon when temperatures are in the mid-teens and the wind chill makes … Continue reading

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On track for a good year

The temperature outside this morning was eleven degrees. The Weather Channel app said it felt like minus nine. My running gear was laid out next to the bed as I rose to put in my contact lenses at 6:00 a.m. … Continue reading

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Rehumanize yourself

Now that football players have come to the realization that they are not robots run by the NFL, the nation has been grappling with what it means not to stand during the National Anthem or recite the Pledge of Allegiance … Continue reading

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They call it speed work

The track must have been calling me this morning. Waking up at 5:00 a.m., I attempted to roll over, back to sleep. But it did not work. The track cannot be denied at some point. Our local high school has … Continue reading

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Cross country is liberal. Track is conservative. Both are great.

Track and field is teaching to the test. Cross country is learning through formative and collaborative means. Continue reading

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On race and running

The coaches for the primarily black teams were always big personalities it seems. They would move around the track keeping kids in check all day, organizing relay teams and keeping an eye on the focus of their best athletes.

As a white kid from the suburbs it was enlightening to see this leadership in progress. What I knew of leadership in the black community was from big-world events in the mid-to-late 1960s. I was in grade school when John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their hands in black gloves in protest on the Olympic podium. We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr., in school, and we knew that he’d advocated peaceful protest as a means to achieve equality for black people in America. We also knew that he was assassinated by someone that was afraid of what he had to say. That was my take anyway. Continue reading

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Do you have a place to hone your speed?

By Christopher Cudworth Ever since I was a little kid holding a watch in my grubby little fist waiting for the second hand to reach twelve, I have held fascination with getting faster. Back then our side yard was the … Continue reading

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