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Making life harder than it needs to be

Yesterday’s blog offended a few people. The number of followers dropped by 20 overnight. It’s happened before. Whether it was the topic of excrement, my treatise about crap-spattering baboons or the political criticism leveled at certain political figures… that eclipsed … Continue reading

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Washed out but not up

I’m still new to triathlon in many respects. But like so many (other) things in life, it is sometimes the early experiences that teach us the most. Bike racingĀ  For example, the first time I tried racing bikes in a … Continue reading

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The Rule of Threes in triathlon

I’m not a triathlon coach. No certifications. No real credentials except the fact that I regularly podium in my age group. But that’s the objective of most triathletes, is it not? As in any endurance sport, especially the three involved … Continue reading

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Putting the hammer down

Standing on the starting line of a five-mile race a few years back, I could feel the energy pouring through my body. Training had been going well. I’d done a track workout of 12 X 400 at 60-63 and was … Continue reading

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Run and ride doodles keep me sane

Sometimes meetings drag on. That’s when I let the pen do the side thinking for me. The result is plenty of run and ride doodles. These were all pinned to a cork board in my office but I got to … Continue reading

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This falling in love thing

Five years ago this weekend (or so) I met the woman to whom I am now married. We connected through the dating app Fitness-Singles.comĀ but we could just as well have met on a local bike path. The FS website showed … Continue reading

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Just call us Podium Boy and Girl

The wonderfully weird thing about endurance sports, especially triathlon, is there’s really no such thing as age and gender when you’re out there on the course. As a sixty-year old dude I realize my fastest days as an endurance athlete … Continue reading

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Sexuality, gender identity and the will to endure

The summer before my high school senior year, I knew that getting in training miles was critical to fall success. My old pair of adidas Italias were already worn out from a full season of running, but back then no … Continue reading

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Not a second to waste

The wonders of technology have transformed racing to an instant gratification cycle in which we do our endurance stuff, then turn to our watches or Garmin or Strava devices and know instantly how it went down. In those respects, technology … Continue reading

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Trading paces

Midway through this morning’s swim workout, I paused to glance at the lane next to me where my wife Sue was doing her 75m IM repeats switching from freestyle to backstroke to breastroke with each lap. She loves swimming, and … Continue reading

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