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Pulling for everyone in Arizona

Entering a training camp with 20 other triathletes is always a novel experience. Sue and I just spent four days in the company of athletes from every level, facing the challenges of riding and swimming and running in our own … Continue reading

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When triathletes go senile

My mother’s main wish in life was to never lose her mental faculties. She dreaded the idea of losing her memory or getting, as she called it, senile. That’s a rather outdated term in the post-modern era. With Baby Boomers … Continue reading

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What do you want from your summer?

The last morning in May 2017 delivered a sunny day with a fresh northerly breeze. A four-mile run sounded good to me. Just enough time to think things through about the summer. Because summer starts the first day of June in … Continue reading

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Running those personal oxbows

“When I look back, boy I musta been green, bopping in the country, fishing in the stream, looking for an answer, trying to find a sign, until I saw your city life, honey I was blind…” Elton John, Honky Cat … Continue reading

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That triathlon fetish of yours

I used to subscribe to Harper’s Magazine, a publication that has long reveled in social analysis from a literary perspective. With a combination of fascination and incredulity, I read a story about people who develop a sexual fetish for big … Continue reading

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The puzzling evidence of jumbo raisins

I’m constantly trying to find ways to eat a healthier diet, interrupted only by the occasional peanut butter cookie dough smash Blizzard from Dairy Queen. So yes, there’s a lack of consonance in my approach. That doesn’t make me a … Continue reading

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Installing the governor

Back in my early 20s, I went balls out in trying to be the best runner I could. For a couple years, I didn’t even take a full-time job. That was a convenient choice, because the economy rather sucked at … Continue reading

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Four miles and counting turkeys

The ability to download results almost immediately after a race these days is a remarkable feature of modern competitions. You can walk from the finish line of a triathlon over to a guy sitting under a canopy and get a … Continue reading

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“Christopher Cudworth, You’re NOT an Ironman!”

As I anxiously waited for my girlfriend Sue to finish her long day’s journey into night to accomplish the goal of finishing her first-ever Ironman, I stood near the finish line listening to the famous announcer proclaim to each finishing … Continue reading

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You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, sometimes

So yesterday while running I had an embarrassing thing happen. My damn head fell right off. At first I didn’t notice. Not for a few strides. But then my head was lying there watching my body running off without me … Continue reading

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