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50 Years of Running: Competition’s Son and the power of a right arm

Nothing mattered more to me in elementary school than the playground. After sitting inside the classroom for a couple hours, we’d be released to go outside the do the things we loved. We played kickball on the macadam behind Willow … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: In the company of legends

My association with my former coach Trent Richards grew in 1983 and ’84. We finished up his brochure for his new company One-On-One Fitness, and spent some time learning biomechanical analysis from his associate and podiatrist friend Dr. John Durkin. … Continue reading

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All Dressed Up and staying home for the moment

I got out the Shop-Vac to clean up the stick shavings our dog left on the living room carpet last night. Somehow she snuck a ten-inch stick into the house without our noticing it, and chewed a big section off … Continue reading

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A heartbreaking sign of the times

If you watch the Tour de France, you’ve likely already seen the results of the horrific crash produced by a woman holding out a cardboard sign to bearing a handwritten message to her relatives. She wanted to gain TV coverage … Continue reading

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Giving an Achilles heel the boot

Yesterday afternoon at 4:15 I stood up from working at my desk and felt a hot twinge in my right Achilles tendon. It was about a “4” on the pain scale. I walked it off and went to get dressed … Continue reading

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Accepting limitations is sometimes the best strategy

On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling the tingle of a cold forming in my throat and sinuses. I’d run thirteen miles on Sunday, took a rest day, ran five miles on Tuesday, and felt a bit tired that afternoon. … Continue reading

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There’s a right way to go bananas in endurance sports

Given the fact that the “fruit” we call bananas is so common and inexpensive to buy, it is easy to take for granted that the Cavendish bananas commercially available in stores are a production miracle brought to the United States … Continue reading

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“Doesn’t running hurt your knees?”

In a lifetime of running the question most often asked by people who don’t run is “Doesn’t running hurt your knees? Typically they’ll follow up with a story about how trying to run hurt their knees. The logic seems to … Continue reading

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Taking a pass on the Turkey Trot this year

The annual rite of running the Turkey Trot in my former hometown of Batavia is going by the wayside this year. For one thing, my knee is slightly swollen from the hit it took by a yellow lab at the … Continue reading

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Another little doggone injury

2019 has been a doggone tough year for me in terms of strange little injuries. But yesterday an incident took place that was a doggone fluke. Our dog Lucy loves to run and play at a large local dog park … Continue reading

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