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No longer a fool in the pool

Today I felt good in the water. Perhaps you know the feeling too. After weeks or months or years of swimming, running or riding, you reach a point where things come together a bit. You feel the flow. My wife … Continue reading

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Oceanwalker swimming has me fascinated

It’s been four years since I started to learn to swim again for triathlons. Early on, I took swim lessons with a great coach named Whitney whose first priority was to simplify what I was doing. Along the way there … Continue reading

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Kick you fool

This weekend we’re heading up to Madison, Wisconsin to do the half-marathon. I’m simply hoping my tight old hips hold up all thirteen miles, but I’ll take what I can get. On Saturday, both Sue and I are having swim … Continue reading

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The magic in a better wave of swimmers

    This morning the Master’s Swim program at Marmion Academy convened for a session at 5:30 a.m. We had plans afterward to head out after breakfast at the Double Yolk, a yummy spot for omelets and an annual congregation … Continue reading

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Clear Goggles and Glad Tidings

A couple weeks back I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchased a set of clear goggles for swimming. All this fall I’d been swimming in the dark tinted lenses that had been so great for outdoor swimming where the … Continue reading

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That day you stop counting laps

A longtime friend and fellow runner named Jeff Wheaton posted a photo of himself from the pool yesterday. He’s been rehabilitating from a foot injury and finally has permission to get back to exercise. He went out and swam 40 … Continue reading

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Early risers who run, ride and swim

This morning while walking the dog I turned the corner and the view down the street was perfectly composed. A rising sun seemed to be following a course through the space between the trees. Of course that’s all an illusion … Continue reading

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We used to play Nigger Under the Woodpile at the pool

By Christopher Cudworth The back of my hands smell like it. The pool. Like chlorine. I swam today the best I could, without treading too much water. Payed attention to the way my arms cut past my ears. The hands, … Continue reading

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