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Some days it pays to weed your own mind

Last night… Hoo boy, last night’s run was really hot. And humid. I ran 5.7 miles at 9:34 pace and it felt like a lot more miles than that. I even walked at some points. At some points the humidity … Continue reading

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The thing about real food

As a runner I used to avoid eating anything for hours before training or races. My stomach just couldn’t handle it. I’d throw up if there was food in my gut during a race. Even Gatorade made me puke. It … Continue reading

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The jury is still out

I’ve been fortunate to not have much legal trouble in my life. Oh sure, there was that snafu a few years ago in which I learned how Chicago judges operate on labor laws, but beyond that, it has been largely … Continue reading

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I break for dogs and people

It’s a longtime habit of mine to stop and talk to people with dogs. Even in the middle of a run, or out on a bike ride at times, I will take a break to pet a friendly-looking dog and … Continue reading

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Things to learn about good form

I had a good ride this weekend. Sixty five miles at 19mph. Good for me. Hope you did well too. I also had a good run this weekend. Ran ten miles with Sue to accompany her during 13-mile training run. … Continue reading

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The long unwinding road

A great ride does not have to be epic to be satisfying. Here in Illinois, there aren’t many big hills to climb or winding roads to follow. So we have to make our rides interesting rather than the other way … Continue reading

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As good as it gets

I’ve always loved the acting of Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and Jack Nicholson in the movie “As Good As It Gets.” You may recall the plot line: Nicholson plays a writer wracked by obsessive-compulsive disorder. Hunt plays a waittress beset by … Continue reading

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What would you tell a beginning cyclist?

    This evening if the weather holds up, I’ll be taking a former neighbor kid out to try my road bike. I’ll let him ride the Specialized Venge. I’ll pedal the Waterford. We’ll ride perhaps an hour. He’s been … Continue reading

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Frogs on the highway

Last night a low-slung rainstorm raced across northern Illinois. It dropped the temperature slightly. But it raised the humidity tremendously. As I stepped out for a morning run, a small green frog bounded through the grass and hid under the … Continue reading

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All you kneed is strength

It happened again this weekend. After months of running without my knee acting weird, the “knob” came back. It happens when I hit a section of downhill ground at the wrong angle. The knee buckles a little and a knob … Continue reading

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