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Christopher Cudworth is a content producer, writer and blogger with more than 25 years’ experience in B2B and B2C marketing, journalism, public relations and social media. Connect with Christopher on Twitter: @gofast and blogs at, and at Online portfolio:

The TriSherpa’s role

There are four weeks until my wife’s Ironman in Louisville. Her training is going well. That is not to say it is going easily. Fifteen miles of running on a mid-September day with temps in the 80s is a sweaty … Continue reading

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The cyclist’s lament

Parked at the Wilson Street entrance to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, I glanced up to find a cyclist dressed in an Army kit waiting for the light to change. Without stopping him to ask about his connection to the military, … Continue reading

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Life in a fog

There is a fog spread across the entire Midwest this morning. It is nothing more than a cloud come to earth. But it has the smell of fog. That wet, specific smell of fog that goes everywhere with you. I … Continue reading

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Losing everything you have

On the small screen of my iPhone, the Weather Channel app showed an aerial shot of the before and after damage from the hurricane known as Irma. Even at such a small scale, the wreckage of homes and the debris … Continue reading

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Does cycling have its own concussion problem?

Watching the Grand Tours such as the Giro de Italia, the Tour de France or the Vuelta a Espana is an annual ritual for many cycling fans. But it hasn’t been an easy journey in many respects. With performance-enhancing drugs such … Continue reading

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Do you ever worry about your attention span?

This morning while doing a leg workout at the Vaughn Center, I pulled out my phone between sets for who knows what reason. And I thought: What the hell? Can’t I get through five minutes of working out without checking … Continue reading

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Negatives, positives, and being.

A few weeks back while cycling on a remote country road, a speeding car passed within six inches of my side. It tore further down the road and never paused. I am convinced the driver of that vehicle never saw … Continue reading

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Somewhere over the rainbow

Last evening while driving from home to my art studio for a painting session, the clouds to the east grew dark at twilight. Then the sun broke through from the west and caught the edge of the clouds. Up from … Continue reading

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What’s it like to go really nuts?

Ten years ago in the throes of caring simultaneously for a wife with cancer and a father who was a stroke victim, the emotional toil became too great. I met with my doctor who prescribed an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication … Continue reading

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A watershed moment at the football locker room door

This morning’s Chicago Tribune had a long story about the dropping levels of enrollment in youth football leagues. We say “enrollment” as if kids were signing up for dance class. Football is a type of dance, you might say. Yet … Continue reading

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