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Swimming in the Jingle Bells pool

This morning I had a great swim at the Vaughn Center pool where we’ve signed up for membership. The facility is just three miles from our house. The pool is ten lanes and has high skylight windows that bring in … Continue reading

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Running before the sun is up

Perhaps you’re an early riser by nature. Or maybe you have to be an early riser because of your schedule. Or best of all, you just like running in the dark. In every case, it is a unique experience every … Continue reading

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Riding outside the White Line

There is little reason to not share the road with cyclists or runners other than raw selfishness. Even a large crowd of cyclists taking up a lane of country road on a Saturday morning can be passed eventually. Yet there … Continue reading

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All is cool with the chef and the pool

  Yesterday morning we ran the local Fox and the Turkey Four Mile. The Batavia race attracted 2061 runners, 916 men and 1100 women. I placed 180th at just over 30 minutes. It was a fun run that went past … Continue reading

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it?

This morning while lifting weights I set the camera up and snapped a photo of a curl set with 25 pounds. I’ve never been much of the flexing type. But I suppose the photo came out okay. I have a … Continue reading

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What a first grader running around the playground knew when he heard about the assassination of JFK

  I was a first-grader at Willow Street Elementary south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Like so many people alive in that era, I specifically recall the spot where I stood while hearing … Continue reading

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Living by the rulers

I’ve been perfectly square for the last 15 years or so. By that, I mean that my inseam exactly matches my waist size, which is 34″. Being 34″ X 34″ all these years has been a product of some hard … Continue reading

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The moral of every story is Don’t Get Greedy

As athletes, we all want to achieve the highest level of performance possible. We train with goals such as personal records in mind. When we achieve them, we set new goals. This is the cycle of life and applies to … Continue reading

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When the world is aggressively slow

We got up to swim this morning at 4:45. Drove through the mist to Marmion Academy and the warm confines of the natatorium. Did our swim workouts broken up into little sections like a watery breakfast of freestyle, pulls and … Continue reading

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Riding for Peter Pumpkinhead

As I was riding out of town on the 15th of November, bathed in late afternoon sunshine and only slightly chilled by temps near sixty degrees, a feeling of gratitude swept over my soul. The ride was smooth even if … Continue reading

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