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Those days you wake up determined not to fail

By Christopher Cudworth The world’s greatest wisdom comes from sources as seemingly polarized opposites. We’re talking about the worlds of both scripture and science. For example, the Bible shares this gem about self-discipline. 1 Corinthians 9:24 [ The Need for Self-Discipline … Continue reading

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The mortality running through us all

I was exchanging texts this morning with fellow artist Kerri Hoskins Branson about a painting project we’re working on together through Water Street Studios, the artist’s collective where we both have gallery and studio space. I profiled Kerri in this … Continue reading

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Secrets to successful high intensity workouts

Shhhhh! I met up with a younger woman at the track this morning. So, that’s the secret. Of course, it had nothing to do with having an affair or anything like that. I was interviewing her for an upcoming article. … Continue reading

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10 great excuses for eating chocolate

I love chocolate. Chocolate I love. Dark chocolate mostly. 50%. 70%. Any more cacao extracts than that, and chocolate becomes coffee. I does not love coffee. Me loves chocolate. Here, are 10 excuses for eating chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!!! Chocolate may help you think … Continue reading

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A bathroom break with God

Last Saturday was a relatively warm day to run here in Illinois. Late February has turned out to be mild and relatively windless. Perfect conditions for a nine-mile run. As Sue and I trekked toward the start of the river … Continue reading

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The memory that rides along with you

Mountain biking is a wonderful thing to do on a late Sunday afternoon in February when the skies are gray and the temperatures nuzzle into the 40s. That’s what found me pedaling north through the tri-cities of Batavia, Geneva and … Continue reading

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Give me some words I can dance to, or a melody that rhymes

I’ve always thought it something of a blessing to be moody. One spring day in the mid- 80s, as I headed out for a long run, I found myself quietly singing the words to The Pretender by Jackson Browne. I … Continue reading

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A little bit of crazy

Walking into the indoor track this morning, I witnessed one of the gals being trained for running form pull over in a series of halting steps and lean down either to catch her breath or deal with whatever pain was … Continue reading

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On mercy, forgiveness and competition

I was recently asked to participate in a Lenten project at our church. The task was to take a Bible passage and interpret what it means to your life. Our Associate Pastor assigned Psalm 31: 9-16. It reads like this: … Continue reading

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That teammate you never liked

On every team, there is always one or two people who love the dynamic but actually seem bent on messing it up. They might be noisy or obnoxious. They lead intervals too hard or too often, but can’t actually race. … Continue reading

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