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Are you ready for this?

This morning I popped the Specialized Venge on the trainer and pedaled for 40 minutes or so. We have a nice room set up for indoor training. There’s a TV and a fan and a place to hang our bikes … Continue reading

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Learning things about ourselves

The nurses responsible for instructions on how to handle things after my meniscus surgery were both honest and cautious about the conditions I might face coming off the procedure. “You might need crutches,” one nurse told me.¬†“When you go down … Continue reading

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Clockwise and counterclockwise

  When you think about it, there’s no real reason the hands of a clock rotate ‘clockwise.’ The same result could be achieved if the hands were to move in the other direction, known as ‘counterclockwise.’ But it’s tradition. So … Continue reading

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Bloody good to be alive

This morning’s training session was conducted on a very busy indoor track at the Vaughn Center, the health club facility to which we belong in Aurora. There were two separate youth track teams working out, a pickup basketball game infringing … Continue reading

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The inside scoop on running (inside)

Yesterday the temps were in the single digits and the wind chill ungodly. Had Jesus been born into this kind of weather, he’d have crawled back inside Mary and waited for the Holy Spirit to warm things up a little. … Continue reading

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The small joys of incremental progress

Yesterday was a track session at the Vaughn Center, a public fitness facility that has a 200-meter indoor track. It’s a great place to run on a February afternoon when temperatures are in the mid-teens and the wind chill makes … Continue reading

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Running inside out

This morning my companion Sue completed eight miles on the treadmill as part of her preparation for an upcoming half-marathon in April. No matter how you look at it, those are not easy miles on a treadmill. A long time, … Continue reading

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Secrets to successful high intensity workouts

Shhhhh! I met up with a younger woman at the track this morning. So, that’s the secret. Of course, it had nothing to do with having an affair or anything like that. I was interviewing her for an upcoming article. … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Wait for Spring

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Celebrating the fitness of youth

As my companion Sue and I did a workout of 6 X 800 on the Batavia High School indoor track this morning, we noticed that a couple kids had¬†showed up with their parents to run. Between intervals I jogged over … Continue reading

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