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Sorry, John Wayne shooting cyclists is not really funny

So, a “friend” on Facebook posted this video with the comment, “I don’t care who you are…this is funny.” So I watched it. And it wasn’t funny to me. Not after having watched several of my cycling friends this summer … Continue reading

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Running Shoes and Souls: A We Run and Ride video special on biomechanics, orthotics and healthy running

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A harvest of reason from the seasons

It was not until my early 20s that I learned that my uncle Kermit Nichols had been a tremendous runner in high school and college. What I knew about him to that point was gleaned from summer visits to the … Continue reading

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Suzy Favor Hamilton and the rush to judgment on mental illness

A recent issue of Sports Illustrated ran an excerpt from the upcoming book by Suzy Favor Hamilton. You may recall she is the former track star that through her own need for excitement began working as a highly paid escort. … Continue reading

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Porta Pottie politics

Everyone knows, or at least they should by now after years of Porta Pottie use, that throwing garbage of any sort into the waste area can mess up the system of cleaning them out. Yet there are people who simply don’t care. In fact they go beyond simply not caring and throw whatever they like in there. Continue reading

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Come along with Christopher Cudworth on a nature run!

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It’s a long way to Boston any way you run

So my friend Russ Bauch was running the Fox Valley Marathon in an attempt to qualify for Boston. He missed by only 30 seconds, due primarily to some cramping in his legs in the final two miles of the race. … Continue reading

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“Christopher Cudworth, You’re NOT an Ironman!”

As I anxiously waited for my girlfriend Sue to finish her long day’s journey into night to accomplish the goal of finishing her first-ever Ironman, I stood near the finish line listening to the famous announcer proclaim to each finishing … Continue reading

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Cross country is liberal. Track is conservative. Both are great.

Track and field is teaching to the test. Cross country is learning through formative and collaborative means. Continue reading

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Beware the lair of a crappy chair

Those of us who work, and we can presume that means all of you that are not independently rich or retired, need to understand an important tenet of existence. You must avoid the lair of crappy chairs.  They’re everywhere, you … Continue reading

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