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50 Years of Running: In the company of legends

My association with my former coach Trent Richards grew in 1983 and ’84. We finished up his brochure for his new company One-On-One Fitness, and spent some time learning biomechanical analysis from his associate and podiatrist friend Dr. John Durkin. … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Predecessors

In writing this biography about 50 years of running experience, I come to points where the story seems to broaden because it occurs to me that the circumstance into which I entered was different than I imagined or understood. That … Continue reading

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A long line of strong women

Heading into last weekend I read that a distance runner named Letensenbet Gidey had run a world record 5000M time of 14:06 in a track meet in Valencia, Spain. I sat there for a moment and thought, “14:06. That means … Continue reading

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A minute can last a lifetime

I had a nice conversation yesterday with Craig Virgin, one of America’s greatest distance runners whose 27:29 10K still ranks in the top ten all-time. He was also a three-time Olympian We talked about his book Virgin Territory, which I … Continue reading

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History in the making

The day after the 2019 Illinois state cross country championship, I turned to the website of my former employer, the Daily Herald, to find a story by Michael Eaken of the record-setting run by a Hersey high school senior Josh … Continue reading

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Virgin Territory a tale of determination

The book Virgin Territory is the new biography of American distance runner Craig Virgin. The book was authored by longtime sportswriter Randy Sharer and is available on Itascabooks.com , at Amazon.com or on Nook Book, A successful sports biography does several things. First, it … Continue reading

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A bit bent but not broken

In the last few weeks, there have been some good stories about David Walters, a distance runner from Illinois. At age 60, Dave ran 2:45 in the Chicago Marathon, then went out to New York this past weekend and polished off … Continue reading

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Cross country is liberal. Track is conservative. Both are great.

Track and field is teaching to the test. Cross country is learning through formative and collaborative means. Continue reading

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Is anybody out there a runner or cyclist?

All these little encounters and twists of fate are evidence the world of running and cycling never sits still. People enjoy these pursuits because of the encounters they engender. That goes for the crazy soul who writes this blog. I don’t hide too many of my thoughts and some people might say that’s a risk to me personal brand in some way. But I’d rather be considered honest and a bit crazy than quiet and controlling. It’s better to be crazy than psychopathically obsessed over self-image. Continue reading

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You do your best with the body (and brain) that you have

As children we imagine that all things are possible. You can be what you want to be. That childlike innocence has its purpose. It enables the mind to grow unhindered. We explore through play. Some of us take up that banner … Continue reading

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