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Some naked wisdom from the Old Guys at the pool

Many years back when I first took swim lessons with the aim of becoming a triathlete, I swam at a local recreation center attached to a high school.┬áThe pool was a 50 meter wonder once used by the perennial state-level … Continue reading

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When it comes to gender power, look out below

I had a laughingly light discussion with my wife this morning  about the equipment we respectively sport “down below.” It started with me teasing her about the fact that her panties matched her toenails/ she laughed and said, “Well the … Continue reading

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The vital connection between vanity and performance

  Admit it. You like to look good. As good as you can, anyway. Millions of people spend billions of hours working out in the gym so that they look good. Those of us who run, ride and swim like … Continue reading

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Breaking sexism’s back

I wrote a piece on a different blog this week titled Thus Spoke Vagina. It addresses the many ways women in this world must deal with both the control and ignorance men try to place on them. I’ve written also … Continue reading

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Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me

With the Triple Crown now completed by American Pharoah, it might be a good time to consider that those horses and jockeys have to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. If I understand horse … Continue reading

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I’d rather have a Gear Butt than a Beer Gut

Yesterday I wound up riding twice. Once in the morning for 25 miles and later in the day for about 20 to tour the Batavia Duathlon course. Both rides were rather brisk, which is fine because the race is not … Continue reading

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You do your best with the body (and brain) that you have

As children we imagine that all things are possible. You can be what you want to be. That childlike innocence has its purpose. It enables the mind to grow unhindered. We explore through play.┬áSome of us take up that banner … Continue reading

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The naked truth of why we run and ride

There is an abundance of glorious finery in terms of clothing and equipment now available to runners and riders. Running and riding gear is more performance oriented, highly fashionable and better tailored than it has ever been. But let’s face … Continue reading

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