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Run right past the junkyard

I have a social media fetish just like millions of people around the world. I wake up in the middle of the night and think, “That was stupid what you posted yesterday. Why even engage with that stuff?” Even my … Continue reading

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Finding ways to focus on the positives

Three nights ago with the sprain still fresh below the ball of my foot, I awoke to the throb of pain and swelling. For a few minutes I tried to ignore it, but sleep wasn’t going to happen like that. … Continue reading

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Living with pain

I hurt my foot while out watering the plants two nights ago. It was dark outside when I pushed open the sliding door and eased onto the stairs leading to the patio. As I stepped down the concrete block stairs, … Continue reading

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There’s only so much sex the world can take

We subscribe to Direct TV for our television programming. When we moved into our house, our connections were all from AT&T. But by some vagary of local wiring, the data was so slow and the Internet so patchy we had … Continue reading

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When the track calls you back

Those of us that ran track and field in high school or college feel quite at home doing intervals on a running track. That’s not the case for many people who did not have that opportunity. They seem to dread … Continue reading

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Craning for meaning in this world

The sandhill crane lay dead in a roadside ditch. I’d read about its demise on a Facebook post earlier that morning. A school bus driver had seen the bird while covering her route. She’d seen the crane family––mother, father and … Continue reading

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Advice from Yoda about finding the Force in the swimming pool

So our Master’s Swim leader Chris (See You In Barbados!) Colburn posted a video from this morning’s session that included a segment with me swimming along, one elbow high and the other, not so much.  As Luke Skywalker once learned … Continue reading

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The Real Secret

A few years back I read that cryptic little book called The Secret. It supposedly unlocked powers or energies from the universe based on intentional thinking. But this morning while headed out for a run through a fog-shrouded world, it … Continue reading

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Dad unplugged

It’s coming up on two years on October 17, 2016 that my father passed away. I served as his caregiver for more nearly thirteen years after my mother died from a combination of cancer and stroke in 2005. No one … Continue reading

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Making life harder than it needs to be

Yesterday’s blog offended a few people. The number of followers dropped by 20 overnight. It’s happened before. Whether it was the topic of excrement, my treatise about crap-spattering baboons or the political criticism leveled at certain political figures… that eclipsed … Continue reading

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