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Do I Need a Sugar Detox?

Originally posted on Life…Take 2!:
I have been finding myself increasingly craving sugar throughout my days as of late. This is more than a little odd for me because I am DEFINITELY Team Salt. I have, for as long as I can…

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Is sugar trending in your feed?

I read a nice blog by a fellow fitness writer today. She does such a nice job of summarizing the problems associated with eating too much sugar, and what to do about it. She noticed a trend toward a desire … Continue reading

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Only time will tell

My Garmin watch went to sleep this morning when I woke up. I forgot to charge it after a few days of use. It has a great battery but even those eventually run out of energy. That left me with … Continue reading

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The most exhausting workout in the world is dealing with dishonesty

There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government. ––Benjamin Franklin To set the table about a discussion of dishonesty and the exhaustion it causes: Those of … Continue reading

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This morning my wife let our dog Lucy out the door to greet me at the moment when two squirrels ran out from beneath the line of cedar trees next to our lawn. Lucy gave chase to one of the … Continue reading

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Moving on down the dusty trail

The Great Western Trail is a former railroad bed running from St. Charles, Illinois out to the town of Sycamore, seventeen miles away. For much of the trail from St. Charles to Lily Lake, there is ample shade at all … Continue reading

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May The Tweaks Be With You

I picked up the oddest little “injury” this weekend during our trip to Florida. There’s a ligament on the back of my leg that lays flat on the Achilles and kind of wraps around that major tendon. It is sore, … Continue reading

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Swinging good time

As the son of an avid golfer, I’ve had golf clubs in my hands since the age of three. That never made me a Tiger Woods. But I can play the game respectably. These days the technology in golf clubs … Continue reading

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Life as a semi-sponsored runner

I was never a national class runner. My best times at 5000 meters were about a minute behind those competing at the top levels of Division 1 track and field. My best place at cross country nationals as a senior … Continue reading

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Had Covid-19 hit in 1978, I don’t know what I’d have done

In August of 1978, I was returning as a senior to Luther College as both a Resident Assistant and Captain of the cross country team. That meant the latter part of August was largely spoken for as my schedule called … Continue reading

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