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Taking inspiration where you find it

That’s me in the lower left of this photo with the buzz cut and the happy grin. That’s because I was a basically happy kid in fourth grade. My teacher was an amazing person named Miss Kegerreis. She was blonde, … Continue reading

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Youth isn’t always wasted on the young

With August nearly over and the sun starting to slide south toward twilight, it is hard not to draw some associations with seasons past. With fall approaching, there is not a runner alive whose senses do not perk up while … Continue reading

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Glenn’s labor of love

Glenn Lyle was what he characterizes as “a decent runner” in the years just before Frank Shorter’s won the 1972 Olympic marathon and set off the first running boom. Lyle graduated from the Elgin High School cross country and track … Continue reading

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A 20-miler in 80-degree heat and no water. Insane? Or just another day’s work…

In the early days of a warm September, our college cross country team was scheduled to run a 20-mile run. The route called for ten miles up to a school called North Winnishiek and back. We ran on the gravel … Continue reading

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If it’s change you want, it pays to invest in the Performance Piggybank

As athletes, we might imagine that change comes about in big breakthroughs. We train everyday hoping there will come a day when the nine-miler that felt hard last weekend suddenly feels easy. Yet that’s not how it usually works. Instead, … Continue reading

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Thinking about bucket lists

I’ve never really sat down to make a bucket list. Perhaps you have, and it would be interesting if some of you would be motivated to share it. You don’t have to give your name if you would prefer anonymity. … Continue reading

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America, where are you now?

The late 60s were a heady time to be a pre-teen in America. My brothers were insightful sources of musical taste, and my 7th-grade friends were likewise caught up in the wonders of that era. I specifically recall a classmate … Continue reading

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Riding smack into the Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. Initially, it was used with weather prediction but later the term became a metaphor used in and out of science.[1] In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which … Continue reading

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Appreciating service and a gift to self

I know there were plenty of people out there who rode more miles than we did this weekend. The social media feed of any triathlete usually fills quite quickly with the efforts posted by others about their training and racing. … Continue reading

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One for the Birthday Girl

In May of this year, I married the woman I met through If that sounds a bit cold or commercial, be assured the story behind our relationship is much warmer. Sue and I were both going through considerable life … Continue reading

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