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Reeling in the years

“You been tellin’ me you’re a geniusSince you were seventeenIn all the time I’ve known youI still don’t know what you meanThe weekend at the collegeDidn’t turn out like you plannedThe things that pass for knowledgeI can’t understand…” Steely Dan–Reeling … Continue reading

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We need more liberal arts majors in this country, not less

This past weekend was spent at Luther College in the company of more than 100 alumni from a track and field program that won Iowa conference track championship titles 26 out of 30 years. The event was illuminating on many … Continue reading

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A Reunion of Champions

Last evening I received a call from Paul Mullen, a college roommate and teammate from both cross country and track. He works in Development for my alma mater Luther College. He wanted to reach out because he is super excited … Continue reading

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Sweet Season: Bringing it all home

Volume one •  Volume two •  Volume three • Volume Four • Volume five  Volume six   Volume seven Going into the last meet of the 1978 season, we felt as if we were still capable of doing big things at nationals. Our highest team … Continue reading

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Finding unity in a sweet season

This is the sixth in a series of articles about the Sweet Season of 1978, my college senior year when our Luther College team placed second in the nation in NCAA Division III cross country. To follow the chronological narrative … Continue reading

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Youth isn’t always wasted on the young

With August nearly over and the sun starting to slide south toward twilight, it is hard not to draw some associations with seasons past. With fall approaching, there is not a runner alive whose senses do not perk up while … Continue reading

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The legacy of Kent Finanger at Luther College

  This week my college cross country coach Kent Finanger celebrated a birthday. Kent always encouraged his runners to appreciate that day in their life. “This is your day!” he’d egg us on! “Wow Fun Wow!”   That was one … Continue reading

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Mortal soles and immortal souls

While driving from Batavia, Illinois to Decorah, Iowa for a reunion at Luther College this past weekend, I performed a little math in my head. In a way I’ve always loved numbers, but adding them up in my head is has … Continue reading

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Freshman hopes and dreams

It’s the light this time of year. So many strong associations of late summer training with warm days, rich twilights and cool nights. It always meant the start of school and training sessions two times a day. One can’t help draw … Continue reading

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