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Sandals vs. orthotics

During the early 1980s, I illustrated a book on running biomechanics that was authored by Dr. John Durkin (deceased) and famed running coach Joe Newton of York high school (also deceased). Durkin was a podiatrist to some world-class athletes including … Continue reading

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A social kind of brain injury

In recent years news has come forward that playing professional football in the NFL can produce severe brain injury. The result is a condition, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, that is abbreviated as CTE. The brain becomes so concussed after multiple collisions … Continue reading

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No good deed goes unpunished

  Last evening I was cycling down a country thoroughfare called Bliss Road (you’ll see the irony soon) during the opening miles of a 31-mile ride. The road crosses a bridge over Interstate 88 and one lane is closed to … Continue reading

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Even flat turtles have their day in the sun

This morning I ran what might possibly be the slowest three miles I’ve done in a long time. Along the way, I chanced to look down and see a flattened turtle on the gravel shoulder of the road. It bugs … Continue reading

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Escape from Runworld

As a viewer of the HBO show Westworld and previously, the popular television series Lost, I willingly suspend some levels of critical analysis about the premise of these shows. One can’t dig too deeply into the context or it quickly … Continue reading

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New Balance or Old Balance?

A friend from college named Dan Johnson recently ran a 5:26 mile. He’s coming up on sixty years old, and that’s a darned fast time for a man his age. He also recently won a big age group 10K award. … Continue reading

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Livestrong still has a tale or two to tell

Recently I saw a link to the Livestrong Foundation website and decided to visit and see what they’re doing these days. Despite all the bad press its original spokesperson Lance Armstrong generated through his admission to lying about use of … Continue reading

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Velociraptors revisited

The city sidewalks that were just replaced in our little town were fresh concrete laid between wooden rails when a Canada goose walked across the fragile surface with its big flat feet. The tracks it left may or may not … Continue reading

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To the top of Ceasar’s Head and back

Day one of our training vacation in North Carolina saw us cross the eastern Continental Divide and ride back down to Brevard. The climb up Ceasar’s Head State Park consisted of five full miles of climbing  The entire ride saw 5000+ … Continue reading

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Jumping through hoops to a sense of wonder

Yesterday a longtime friend showed up at a walk that I host in my hometown. Every Wednesday people from the community hike a three-mile loop on bike trails for health and fitness. His mom wanted to join the walk, so he … Continue reading

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