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August light

For many people it is the light of autumn that seems romantic. As the sun courses lower in a September sky, shadows grow longer and trees take on a tinge of color. Come October, the light grows clear without the … Continue reading

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On Wisconsin

There are places in this world we can claim for ourselves despite the fact that we are not legally a resident. For me, one of those is Wisconsin. I know that people who live there refer to Illinoisians as Flatlanders. … Continue reading

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What’s on your Laundry List?

On the way to drop my wife off at the train, we were conversing about some domestic topic and I blurted out, “Well, I’ll have to put that on the Laundry List.” And Sue said. “What is a Laundry List? … Continue reading

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Putting the hammer down

Standing on the starting line of a five-mile race a few years back, I could feel the energy pouring through my body. Training had been going well. I’d done a track workout of 12 X 400 at 60-63 and was … Continue reading

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Was Jesus a triathlete?

The Bible is a remarkable book both in what it reveals and also what it leaves to our collective spiritual imagination. For example, the creation story and the rescue of species from the worldwide floods lists a few “kinds” of … Continue reading

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Tour de France rider for a day

The weather in Illinois was cool, rainy and windy this past Saturday. We rode west and north into the wind for 25 miles. At several points our speed dropped to 13 mph as we ground into the gray gale coming … Continue reading

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Run and ride doodles keep me sane

Sometimes meetings drag on. That’s when I let the pen do the side thinking for me. The result is plenty of run and ride doodles. These were all pinned to a cork board in my office but I got to … Continue reading

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Summer lovin’ 1972

Those formative years of distance running remain special to me because everything was still so new. The sensations wrought from running farther than I ever imagined possible were both stimulating and daunting. Coming off a freshman year cross country season … Continue reading

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A black belt in fatherhood

Twenty-five or so years ago, our family went camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was a busy season, so campsites were scarce and the more remote campground in Hiawatha National Forest where we wanted to say was closed … Continue reading

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Things I learned today on a morning ride

At 5:30 this morning the air was cool and clear. A light north wind had broken the humid grip of mid-summer on our part of Illinois. It was a fine time for a bike ride. I’d planned the morning ride … Continue reading

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