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The wounds we carry with us and leave behind

People like us run and ride for a ton of reasons. Along the way, we experience pain, even invite it into our lives. At other times, we avoid it. Try to block it out. Leave it behind. It’s a strange … Continue reading

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Questions about being an elitist asshole

Back when I competed for every inch of advantage in the world of running, I was a bit merciless in my regard for other competitors. In the first mile of a five-mile race I would ultimately win while setting a … Continue reading

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Looking forward to a peak experience in the hills of North Carolina

In late May this year, my spouse and I are participating in a triathlon training camp in the hills (mountains?) of North Carolina. It involves a ton of riding over the three or four days of the camp. There will … Continue reading

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Running and riding away from the Christmas cookies

Yesterday my wife gathered family members for an afternoon of cookie-baking. I was out of the house finishing up a commissioned painting for a friend, so the merriment and smells did not rope me in. When present during a cookie-baking … Continue reading

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One of the most inspiring cyclists I barely know

I started this blog in the fall of 2012. Within a week or two of posting the first piece, I noticed a woman riding up the block where I lived in Batavia at the time. She wore a visor, no helmet, a … Continue reading

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And what remains

ALL OF US experience days when we’re out running or riding or swimming and we just feel dead. The legs are heavy. Even the mind can feel like it’s sinking down into the abyss of the neck. We drag ourselves … Continue reading

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Take a knee, or something else, seriously

Way back in the early 2000s I tore my ACL playing soccer. It was a sudden injury and a shocking incident given my lifetime of playing ballistic sports such as basketball, baseball and other activities requiring hard cuts and sudden … Continue reading

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The secret to love what you’re doing when you run, ride and swim

Motivation is the power source of all performance. Without motivation, there is no will to work. Without the will to work, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no achievement. And without the potential for achievement, there is no real … Continue reading

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Meet the Mink

Years ago while out birdwatching, a real, live mink climbed a tree and sat there looking at me. At the time, I did not know mink could climb trees. Even with my keen interest in nature, there are still a lot … Continue reading

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Circumstance sometimes really can make the man or woman

Between the sophomore and junior year of my college experience, summer jobs were hard to find. The economy was sputtering in the late 1970s due to the centrifugal force of world politics and America’s sagging malaise coming off the exhaustion … Continue reading

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