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“I’m a creature of habit. I just have too many habits.”

I texted the title of this blog to my wife this morning. It stemmed from the discovery of my main set of car keys in the pocket of a jacket I’d hung on the rack in the front room. I … Continue reading

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Swim time

There comes a time in every athlete’s life when it does no further good to offer up excuses why things aren’t happening like they should. When I started swimming three or four years ago, I could barely manage a couple … Continue reading

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Cold, hard facts

We’ve been spending some good time on the indoor track, seeing results in our efforts. As a specific result, my wife Sue is learning the beauty of speed training and how it makes your base pace and even your race … Continue reading

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Blowing things up with a smile

We had a bang-up 4th of July party with 20+ guests in our backyard and kitchen. We all know that’s where most of the socializing tends to occur. It’s a law of nature. One couple brought their small children, Sophi … Continue reading

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When triathletes go senile

My mother’s main wish in life was to never lose her mental faculties. She dreaded the idea of losing her memory or getting, as she called it, senile. That’s a rather outdated term in the post-modern era. With Baby Boomers … Continue reading

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No animals on the pool deck

It’s funny how we human beings, though highly evolved in areas of intelligence and self-awareness in comparison with other living things, still resort to comparisons with animals to generate ideas about the merit of individuals or teams. We name our … Continue reading

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Second best

There are few more pleasurable things than a 5:00 bike ride in mid to late May. Last night the Venge called and I answered. Ten miles into the ride I was warmed up and ready to climb the ‘mountain’ we … Continue reading

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What kind of trainer are you?

During the course of an athlete’s life, a number of experiences combine to form the mentality and relative rate of discipline one applies to training. Formative experiences include initial exposures to sports such as training in gym class. Gym teachers … Continue reading

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11 triathlon “things” we all know about

It’s a bit of a lifestyle, this triathlon “thing.” And even though I can’t call myself a true triathlete yet (…yet) I’ve done some duathlons and added the swimming to the point that my first Sprint is under my belt. … Continue reading

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Installing the governor

Back in my early 20s, I went balls out in trying to be the best runner I could. For a couple years, I didn’t even take a full-time job. That was a convenient choice, because the economy rather sucked at … Continue reading

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