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All over the map

It likely goes without saying that I don’t have a “plan” for this blog in terms of editorial content. Although I subscribe to some blog advice newsletters, and even paid for a yearlong seminar that I never used, the reason … Continue reading

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Not exactly razor sharp

I recall a workout during my peak competitive years in which the plan was to do a track session of 8 X 400M at a pace of 60-63 seconds each. I was sharpening for a track race in which my … Continue reading

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One headlight

This morning brought a thick coat of ice on the car windows. I ran the defroster and squirted window wiper fluid to melt down the ice because the scraper in my car might or might not have been under the … Continue reading

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Itching to defend Blackhawks player Marian Hossa

It’s likely there are a few people that can’t imagine why Chicago Blackhawks hockey player Marian Hossa is being forced to take a year off. The official statement by Hossa says that he is experiencing a “progressive” skin condition caused … Continue reading

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Moving on

  In 1973 my father made the decision to move our family from Elburn, a town in the cornfields of Illinois, to a city in the far west reaches of Chicago’s suburbia. The move hurt because I was sixteen going on … Continue reading

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This is your moment

Yesterday while having dental work done, it occurred to me how few people in this world actually live and work in the moment. So let me describe the scene yesterday. The dentist I visit is a wonderful Muslim woman with … Continue reading

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Running and riding over tarsnakes of technology

I truly admire all of you out there who can plug big miles on the treadmill. Just this morning my companion Sue texted me that she’d covered an hour on the belt, a triumph because she’d tweaked a glute muscle … Continue reading

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A singular New Year’s resolution

Winter wonderland Last January the snow was thick and wet during the first week of the year. Yet in a fit of cabin fever and thanks to some serious Manhattans on a Friday night, my companion Sue and I were … Continue reading

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Running, riding and swimming gaily through the world

At the conclusion of my happy little three-mile run in the new Newton shoes, I spied my friend and neighbor Ray walking into his father’s house with his longtime companion Joseph. We’ve known each other 20 years now, Ray and … Continue reading

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A bit bent but not broken

In the last few weeks, there have been some good stories about David Walters, a distance runner from Illinois. At age 60, Dave ran 2:45 in the Chicago Marathon, then went out to New York this past weekend and polished off … Continue reading

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