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50 Years of Running: An end to the city experiment

For almost two years my roommate and I made the best of our city life together. But both our lives were starting to change. His graduate work in exercise physiology at the University of Illinois-Chicago was winding down, and my … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: A finish line not crossed

As the seasons changed from fall to winter, training in the dark night got hazardous. On December 12 I noted, “Cool, quite comfortable night. In bed at 10:00. Run went real well tonight with the exception of a fall, so … Continue reading

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50 Year of Running: What drives a young man?

Starting up my new running journal was a strange feeling, but the timing was interesting. New apartment in a new city. All-new running routes. On August 12, 1982 I wrote: “Two nights ago the run went marvelous, physiologically. After having … Continue reading

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