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No date with destiny, but a lesson or two worth learning

In 1981 the world was going nuts for running. The second phase of the American running boom was in full swing. As an avid runner, I thought (and was sincerely hoping) that it might mean women would find me more … Continue reading

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Are you ready for some knee porn?

When the orthopedic surgeon showed me photos from my recent meniscus repair surgery, I was a little shocked. The images looked like something you might find on a porn site dedicated to prurient naughty part closeups. Every image was salacious … Continue reading

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The not-so-secret “secrets” of setting PRs

The not-so-secret “secret” of setting PRs is building backward from the race distance itself in terms of time needed to prepare and to establish race “markers” for progress along the way.  Then one must create fitness using an incrementally-based training … Continue reading

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Last one on the track and proud of it

As a senior in college, I was chosen as the anchor leg of our 4 X 1-mile team for the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa. My position as the anchor leg on the relay was not assigned because I was the … Continue reading

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Look, she’s fifty!

My sister-in-law Julie Dunn turned fifty years old this week. Behind the scenes, my wife Sue plotted several surprises including a party for her sister. It all turned out marvelous. A couple months ago we collaborated on a design for … Continue reading

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Short and sweet

When you’ve been away from any of your favorite activities for a while, the return feels pretty sweet. Which is why it felt so sweet to run a few steps from my car to shut the front door this morning … Continue reading

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Brought to you by Starbucks and other human beings

By now you’ve heard about the ugly incident in which an employee of Starbucks called 911 to have two black men removed because it seems they had not yet placed an order. Here’s the skinny on the story as it … Continue reading

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Taking a spin through the recovery zone

Yesterday a nurse from the orthopedic office called to follow up on my recovery progress after surgery. They actually called a couple times immediately following the surgery, but I missed those calls. So the nurse sounded a little surprised when … Continue reading

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Delayed reactions and side effects in endurance athletes

One of the most challenging aspects of high-level training for endurance sports is how to recover properly to avoid overuse injuries, fatigue or illness. Those us us that have pushed the envelope too far know the pain and difficulty of … Continue reading

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Learning things about ourselves

The nurses responsible for instructions on how to handle things after my meniscus surgery were both honest and cautious about the conditions I might face coming off the procedure. “You might need crutches,” one nurse told me. “When you go down … Continue reading

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