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Are you ready for some knee porn?

When the orthopedic surgeon showed me photos from my recent meniscus repair surgery, I was a little shocked. The images looked like something you might find on a porn site dedicated to prurient naughty part closeups. Every image was salacious … Continue reading

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Surgery day and healthy outlets

As an athlete most of my life, there have been plenty of times when the doctors had to repair some part of my body. Even on the playground as a kid, I was so active and aggressive in sports there … Continue reading

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Self-surgery is the American thing to do

Next Thursday afternoon, I’m going to cut into the skin of my left knee, insert a leftover bit of fiber optic cable from the TV downstairs and do arthroscopic surgery on my own knee. I figure I can cut out … Continue reading

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The results are in…

While cleaning the inside of our garage this past Saturday afternoon, I was happy to be seeing such progress when my wife walked out the house door and announced, “Well, you have a torn meniscus.” I stood there with my … Continue reading

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