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The irony of a stress test

Perhaps you’ve had a stress test done to check the condition and performance of your heart. I’m having one this morning. Precautionary, mind you. Given a family history of heart issues, it is important to keep track of how everything … Continue reading

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Reverse psychology at the indoor track

I joined a training partner yesterday for an indoor track workout. He was doing 4 X 1M and I had time to get in a couple intervals with him and we had fun, doing both at 7:00 pace. But it … Continue reading

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Understanding the Fourth Sport in triathlon (and it’s not just nutrition)

Runners, cyclists or swimmers that are “tri-curious” typically have quite a few questions about how to get started. Even athletes that have done triathlons at the Sprint, Olympic and Half-Ironman and Ironman distances struggle sometimes with what it means to … Continue reading

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What kind of trainer are you?

During the course of an athlete’s life, a number of experiences combine to form the mentality and relative rate of discipline one applies to training. Formative experiences include initial exposures to sports such as training in gym class. Gym teachers … Continue reading

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Passing the physical

  In the little town of Elburn, Illinois, there was a local doctor known for his aggressive hernia checks during school sports physicals. For some less-than-apparent reason, the guy squeezed the balls of every athlete like heck. Perhaps he’d been bullied … Continue reading

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Massage and heavy weights an interestingly sore/unsore combo

If you do strength work you know it can make you pretty sore the next day. And if you do massage therapy, you likely also know that can make you sore the next day. Now someone might argue that with … Continue reading

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The eyes have it

I lost a contact lens last week. That sent me to the eye doctor for an exam, because it’s been three years (I guess…) since the last prescription. That doesn’t mean I have not been to an eye doctor since. … Continue reading

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You didn’t have to be so nice

This morning after dropping Sue off at the train, I pulled around the block to Graham’s 318, the coffee shop where I write some mornings. But first I sat for a minute listening to a song on the radio. The … Continue reading

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Is it time for the triathlon community to grow up?

Triathlon is a set of sports within a sport. That means swimmers mix with cyclists. Cyclists mix with runners. It’s supposed to be an egalitarian sport. And we all have our flaws. It’s the rare individual that is truly exceptional … Continue reading

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Nike Hijab and other fashion wonders

I love that Nike is coming out with clothing for Muslim women who want to compete in sports but maintain their religious tradition by doing so in Hijab. I watched a program about a women’s soccer team that wore less … Continue reading

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