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February thaw and feeling it for real

Today might have been a nice day to get out and play on the roads. The February thaw we’ve been waiting for began in earnest this morning. Temps hit forty-four degrees. The 21″ snowbanks are sagging now. The earth welcomes … Continue reading

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A diverse kind of workout (Part II)

Going into the mural project this week, I estimated that the main 45-foot wall would take three days to complete. That projection was based on prior projects of relatively similar size. Even so, what I did not anticipate is the … Continue reading

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A different kind of workout

Over the last two days my entire focus is on a mural project that I’m creating for a restaurant. The wall on which it is painted is thirty-five feet wide. I stand on a step-ladder to reach the upper parts … Continue reading

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Feeling out of shape? Hang in there

We all know the feeling. A touch of flab around the waist. Tight pants. Sluggish on the run. Unmotivated and defeated by the cold. Hang in there. It doesn’t last forever. We miss a few workouts due to work obligations. … Continue reading

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Life is one big classroom

Many of us recall moments like that in which teachers helped us break through insecurities, fears, and misgivings. Some were tough influences when we needed a kick in the butt. Others were gentle guides when we needed encouragement. It takes a village. Continue reading

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We’ve all got our swimming crosses to bear

Today in the pool I swam next to two guys doing 100-meter repeats. One was clearly faster than the other, a tall gent who wore fins to keep up with his buddy. The faster swimmer alternated strokes from freestyle to … Continue reading

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Wear patterns say plenty about us

While walking the dog this morning I looked down to see my footprints in the fresh layer of snow that fell overnight. The shoes I was wearing are Timberland boots that I’ve owned for five years. They’re still in solid … Continue reading

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