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A quick run across the frozen face of Greenland

Billions of years ago, a massive single land mass contained all the continents we know today. Through force of internal pressures such as volcanism, the shove and pull of plate tectonics and the mechanism of sea floor spreading, all the … Continue reading

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The peril of a 14km cloud

I took a break from blogging the last couple weeks due to a combination of trips, including one abroad to Spain, France and Italy. We docked near the former city of Pompeii, the Roman settlement buried by volcanic ash from … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Amish Zombie Rumspringa

I decided to take the back roads on the return trip from my college reunion in Decorah, Iowa. A simple tap of Directions on Google Maps set up a route through Lancaster and Platteville in southwest Wisconsin. My childhood was … Continue reading

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When the Ironman meets strong women

My wife set a PR in the Ironman Louisville race. It wasn’t a perfect or “complete” race given cancellation of the swim due to toxic algae. But she’s a strong swimmer that has raced well in that component of triathlons … Continue reading

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Reeling in the years

“You been tellin’ me you’re a geniusSince you were seventeenIn all the time I’ve known youI still don’t know what you meanThe weekend at the collegeDidn’t turn out like you plannedThe things that pass for knowledgeI can’t understand…” Steely Dan–Reeling … Continue reading

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Commuting through time

I first accepted a job in the City of Chicago when I was twenty-one years old. I’d already worked a year as an admissions counselor traveling all over the state of Illinois, and that was rough. So when a man … Continue reading

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