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The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins… and anxiety

Like millions of other children raised in the 1960s, I grew up reading books by Dr. Seuss. One of the most perplexing was the story of Bartholomew Cubbins, a kid who upon encountering an authority figure was supposed to remove … Continue reading

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Observations on “new normal” from a spirit-filled man

I’m reblogging this post from Bruce Wilder, a former classmate at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. I think you’ll enjoy this piece. Christopher Cudworth

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Why I’m liking triathlon cycling these days

I have a confession to make. Last fall in late September I jumped into a criterium race held by our local bike club and was totally unprepared for the outcome. I got pushed toward the curve on the first major … Continue reading

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Positive takeaways

Over the years I’ve read that journaling your emotions is a positive way to get a grip on your feelings. Way back in high school I kept a running journal that recorded results and thoughts about the races in which … Continue reading

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All about women and men

I’ve been watching the cartoon Bigmouth on Netflix with my daughter the last few days. It’s a ribald look at life between childhood and becoming a teenager. That means its full of what many would consider profane references to sex … Continue reading

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Please stay on the Garden Path

Yesterday while running at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, I glanced down to see a simple sign staked in the ground. It said, “Please stay on the garden path.” The Arb, as many people call it, largely welcomes runners … Continue reading

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On track but in what direction?

Against the grain Our Friday morning indoor track workouts sometimes run against the grain. The traditional direction in which one runs on any track is counterclockwise. Our 200-meter indoor track facility has a Monday-Wednesday-Friday clockwise rule while the Tuesday-Thursday direction … Continue reading

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Mike Behr lighting it up in multiple sports

On a cold and snowy February morning, a tall, lean distance runner named Mike Behr is running back and forth between a lead pack of runners and a much slower group bringing up the rear. The occasion is a Sunday … Continue reading

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The eleven things triathletes dread

This morning after an indoor track workout with my wife, I arrived back home to change and shower before heading off to work. Most of the layers peel off quick, but as I turned on the shower to wait for … Continue reading

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The testimony of empty storefronts

The seemingly fragile state of traditional retail in the United States and around the world has people wondering what our cities, towns and villages will look like in fifty years. The back and forth between digital sales and brick-and-mortar outlets … Continue reading

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