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When have you felt truly happy?

For those of us that have dealt all our lives with the double drain of anxiety and depression, the thought of being “happy” can seem more like a phenomenon than a true state of mind. Yet there have been many … Continue reading

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How do you deal with guilt?

This morning at 4:45 my wife rose from bed to gather her gear and go swim. She is disciplined about her workouts. And frankly, she loves to swim. That goes back a ways, and she is good in the water. … Continue reading

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Clockwise and counterclockwise

  When you think about it, there’s no real reason the hands of a clock rotate ‘clockwise.’ The same result could be achieved if the hands were to move in the other direction, known as ‘counterclockwise.’ But it’s tradition. So … Continue reading

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Not exactly razor sharp

I recall a workout during my peak competitive years in which the plan was to do a track session of 8 X 400M at a pace of 60-63 seconds each. I was sharpening for a track race in which my … Continue reading

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Ahead of the times

  The apartment my best buddy and I shared (way back when) on 1764 N. Clark Street had a view overlooking the south end of Lincoln Park in Chicago. Three seasons of the year it was the best place in … Continue reading

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That about caps it all (the water bottle conundrum)

Water bottles are a necessity for endurance athletes. They help us hydrate under all kinds of conditions. But if you own a large collection of water bottles as most of us do, there is a big issue all of us … Continue reading

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That locker room feeling

It is hard to describe the desire I had as a little kid to grow up to be an athlete. When I was so young, all I dreamed about was being big enough to wear a baseball uniform, put on … Continue reading

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The Ecco of a good man

Yesterday I wore a pair of dress shoes to work that were¬†previously owned and worn by my late father-in-law, Melvin Mues. He loved practical, comfortable clothing and shoes, and when Mel passed away six years ago, the family passed along … Continue reading

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A total eclipse of the run

Perhaps we’ve become so accustomed as a society to seeing things hyped beyond reason it is normal to feel jaded when something really special comes along. Here in northern Illinois, last summer’s total eclipse of the sun was indeed dramatic … Continue reading

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Bloody good to be alive

This morning’s training session was conducted on a very busy indoor track at the Vaughn Center, the health club facility to which we belong in Aurora. There were two separate youth track teams working out, a pickup basketball game infringing … Continue reading

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