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Short and sweet

When you’ve been away from any of your favorite activities for a while, the return feels pretty sweet. Which is why it felt so sweet to run a few steps from my car to shut the front door this morning … Continue reading

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Brought to you by Starbucks and other human beings

By now you’ve heard about the ugly incident in which an employee of Starbucks called 911 to have two black men removed because it seems they had not yet placed an order. Here’s the skinny on the story as it … Continue reading

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Learning things about ourselves

The nurses responsible for instructions on how to handle things after my meniscus surgery were both honest and cautious about the conditions I might face coming off the procedure. “You might need crutches,” one nurse told me. “When you go down … Continue reading

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When Quora asked, “What are your deepest thoughts you have been thinking about life?”

The website Quora is a forum where people respond to questions from others. Some of the questions are phrased rather oddly, often with poor English, but some of that is contextual because the queries can come from all over the … Continue reading

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Rare opportunities in life

What rare birds can teach us about all of life’s opportunities Yesterday through email I learned there was a sighting of a relatively rare bird, a Smith’s Longspur, in the vicinity of our house. We back up to a wetland, … Continue reading

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Walking wounded

Last fall I should have listened to my instincts and gone ahead with surgery on the torn meniscus in my left knee. It had been popping out some last summer, but when it stopped acting weird going into winter I … Continue reading

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Light thoughts on a dark morning

  Gosh, it was dark out this morning at 5:40 when I stepped out the door to run. It was hard getting out of bed knowing it was cold and windy outside. But I gathered up the gear to run … Continue reading

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There is a God if you want one

Just past the peak of my obsession with running, somewhere in my mid-20s, I’d made the decision that enough was enough. I’d taken a couple years to work part-time at most and dedicate my time to see how good I … Continue reading

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Age 60 going on 200

This morning’s track workout consisted of 8 X 200 all out with a 100 meter walk-jog between. It was an experiment to see how much torque the internal engine could take. The test went well enough, but also revealed a … Continue reading

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Blackbird time

Early March is always a time of keen transition in our part of the world. The cliches about “in like a lion, out like a lamb” seldom hold true in black and white. Furthermore, as a distance runner for more than … Continue reading

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