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50 Years of Running: Competition’s Son, Part 7

It’s a bit hard to describe just how competitive I became at an extremely young age. The drive to keep up with my brothers was one motivator. The desire to prove myself to friends was another. Every moment that I … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: What is my real job?

As the Traveler’s Cheques slowly disappeared, I kept up the hunt for a job in the summer of 1983. Meanwhile, small freelance jobs kept coming my way. I drew up some ads for Vertel’s Running store, but the process was … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: The homely hayseed and love

Finding out from a key player and trusted friend on the management side that the marketing department where I worked in Philadelphia was not fulfilling expectations didn’t surprise me. There were great people on the team, who were doing some … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Ringing in 1983

After a sweet Christmas in Chicago with Linda, I returned to life in Paoli with an eye on starting the New Year the right way. A long run. “I ran a very relaxed but determined two hours today,” I wrote. … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Caught between two worlds

Living in Paoli was a compromise. Sitting at the end of the Main Line commuter route, it marked the outer limits of the Philadelphia suburbs. I only found the place through a realtor kind enough to show me around the … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

With nearly two months to spend before starting the Luther admissions job, I hung out at home musing about the future and doing a bit of maintenance running. By early July, I was restless and jumped into a 15K stretching … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: A Few Jokers and Wild Cards

The interesting thing about cross country as a sport is that teammates tend to spend enormous amounts of time together. Whereas athletes in track and field tend to split into training groups for mid-distance and long-distance training, in cross country … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: the anger factor

As fifteen-year-old kid during the summer of 1972, I was frustrated by the fact that I’d sustained a chipped bone in my elbow that erased the summer baseball season. Neither could I go out and run with the cast on. … Continue reading

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The difficulties of life when your brain works differently

Granted, emotional intelligence enters the picture as well. People addicted to honesty and liberality are not always welcome in the workplace. Not with bosses insecure about their own management capabilities and shortcomings. Continue reading

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Do you ever worry about your attention span?

This morning while doing a leg workout at the Vaughn Center, I pulled out my phone between sets for who knows what reason. And I thought: What the hell? Can’t I get through five minutes of working out without checking … Continue reading

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