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Things used to be quieter around here

Driving back from taking our pup to doggy day care, the streets were much quieter than usual. Having lived in the area called the Tri-Cities in Illinois for more than forty years, it isn’t hard to recall a time when … Continue reading

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Another Rain Man moment in life

Raining interest The worms were everywhere on my run this morning. Last night’s rain brought them out of the ground onto the roads and sidewalks. It doesn’t bother me to step on a worm, but I don’t do it on … Continue reading

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Would you be inspired to compete for Coach Trump?

Many of us get our start playing organized sports during elementary school years when we first turn out for team sports such as baseball, soccer, hockey or football. That is also the first time in life that we encounter the … Continue reading

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Sometimes going negative is the best feeling ever

Sunday’s run turned out to be an interesting experiment in negative splits. My wife was scheduled for a ten-miler but I’m only up to eight miles in training as my hips and strength training progresses. So I ran four miles … Continue reading

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It wasn’t necessarily amazing, but it sure was fun

Last weekend my wife was given a time trial to do. Her coach Steve Brandes has been guiding her through improved run performance the last couple years and the results, I am here to tell you, are noticeable and impressive. … Continue reading

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Asleep or awake, this is how I choose to live

Last night before going to sleep I flipped through a booklet of results from my days of running cross country at Luther College. I’d stored those books in the bedroom desk and was looking for something else when I opened … Continue reading

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I’ll only know on a Field of Dreams someday

I was twelve years old when our family moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois. That life back in Lancaster was left behind in more than one way. I’d grown up playing all kinds of sports with my brothers. One of the … Continue reading

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Living between two worlds

Yesterday I wrote about what it’s like when two apparently divergent worlds collide. My relationship with an older woman ultimately dissolved when our interests simply did not meld. Yet I’ve also been caught between two worlds as well. As a … Continue reading

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When one world runs into another

Coming out of college I worked for a year in admissions, then took a job as a graphic artist in marketing with an investment company. That move back to Chicago broke off the relationship with the woman with whom I’d … Continue reading

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The Yellow Brick Road isn’t the only path to salvation

You might recall that in the Wizard of Oz movie, a confused Dorothy stands in shock at one point and blurts out a classic piece of dialogue that goes something like this: “My, people come and go so quickly around … Continue reading

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