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On being alive

That’s me hanging out during our 4th of July family get-together yesterday. It was hot outside, as it should be on the 4th of July. Before the party started, I mowed a rectangle in our lawn in hopes of preparing … Continue reading

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You can’t run away from Crow’s Feet

I like to smile. But when I do, the skin around my eyes crinkles into what people like to call Crow’s Feet. Those are the wrinkles radiating from the corners of your eyes. At some point, after years of smiling, … Continue reading

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Holding it together

Yesterday we did a long run on the Fox River Trail from North Aurora up to Batavia and back. Sue had a scheduled 13.1 mile training run. The workout was prescribed by her coach in advance of the half marathon … Continue reading

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Aging gracefully, or something like that

Recently I’ve heard several people in their late 20s commenting on the effects of aging on their bodies. That may seem silly to people that are older, but these are legitimate observations. Our bodies do change with age. For some … Continue reading

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A bit bent but not broken

In the last few weeks, there have been some good stories about David Walters, a distance runner from Illinois. At age 60, Dave ran 2:45 in the Chicago Marathon, then went out to New York this past weekend and polished off … Continue reading

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How to deal with getting older as an athlete

It is always amusing hearing someone far younger say out loud, “God, I feel so old.” We hear it when people in the mid-to-late 20s suddenly realize the toddler children they once babysat are now graduating from high school or … Continue reading

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What does it really mean to age as an athlete?

It’s an interesting problem trying to figure out what to expect (or not expect) as you age as an athlete. See, the idea of aging is both a reality and a mindset. We have no control over the fact that … Continue reading

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You can’t beat fun: Total riding miles fast catching up on running miles

The Big Picture Having kept running logs quite a few years I know about how much I’ve run in training and competition. Being careful not to exaggerate, but based on real figures from journals, my running mileage from ages 14 … Continue reading

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