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The difference between Cycling and Riding

Today I rode just over forty miles in a rectangular route straight north to the western reaches of South Elgin, cut over to the east side of the Fox River to catch the bike trail, and headed all the way … Continue reading

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The techie world of fitness trackers

I wear a Garmin Fenix 5 fitness tracker. My wife purchased it for me two years ago. It has a ton of features. Beyond recording workout times, pace and route tracking, it also measures heart rate, estimated calories and stress … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong an icon taking on a new, older look

Yes, by the looks of things on his Instagram account, even Lance Armstrong is aging. For that admission of sorts, I am proud of him. It took him years to confess that he’d been doping all along during his string … Continue reading

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My annual ride in the Tour de Chicory

America’s roadsides in July and August typically bear a ribbon of bright blue flowers known as chicory. They are tough plants that grow in disturbed soil, often popping up through gravel and grit to unleash their starlike blue blossoms in … Continue reading

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Tour de France rider for a day

The weather in Illinois was cool, rainy and windy this past Saturday. We rode west and north into the wind for 25 miles. At several points our speed dropped to 13 mph as we ground into the gray gale coming … Continue reading

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Riding up to Chuck’s

It is a sixty-three mile ride up to Chuck’s Lakeshore Inn from St. Charles, Illinois to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It’s a tradition we cherish each summer. The route we take is all backroads and has been handed down from generations … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Tour de Commercial

The Tour de France broadcast has become a creature entirely devoted to advertising and commercials. Consider the various definitions of the word ‘commercial’ and see if you agree: Commercial: 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of commerce. 2. engaged in commerce. 3. prepared, done, or acting with sole or chief emphasis on salability, profit, or success: 4. able to yield or make a profit: 5. suitable or fit for a wide, popular market: 6.suitable for or catering to business rather than private use.   None of those … Continue reading

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Neither sweat or forget the small stuff

Getting your training in during a tight schedule can be difficult. Feelings of guilt can build up if you miss a workout, or cut one short because you are pressed for time. Some athletes work out unique solutions for time … Continue reading

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Not.

One of the compelling images most people miss in the coverage of the Tour de France is how the bike mechanics basically take apart and re-assemble the steeds used by riders in the Tour. Where most of us expect our … Continue reading

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Triathlons bring out the beast or just the best of us

Yes, all this sounds pathetic in some respect. But it’s par for the course to be nervous about some aspect of the triathlon when you’re starting out. Some find the idea of riding a bike in traffic disarming, or find the run portion daunting. Yet as you train you eventually overcome your fears. Then come longer courses and challenges like open water swims, hilly bikes and hot runs. That’s the so-called “charm” of the sport. It never really gets easier. You just go longer, faster or grow obsessed in the process. Continue reading

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