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Cold, hard facts

We’ve been spending some good time on the indoor track, seeing results in our efforts. As a specific result, my wife Sue is learning the beauty of speed training and how it makes your base pace and even your race … Continue reading

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Open water. Open minds.

For those of us with a 30-year gap in our swimming resume, the process of building up to a strong, reliable swim stroke is a step-by-step exercise in humility. From those first manic learning laps in the 25-meter pool to … Continue reading

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Open water confessions

One of the benefits of training for a triathlon with a club is the motivation of shared experiences. Whether you’re an expert able to give advice to a beginning athlete, or someone starting out who is eager to learn, training … Continue reading

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Running inside out

This morning my companion Sue completed eight miles on the treadmill as part of her preparation for an upcoming half-marathon in April. No matter how you look at it, those are not easy miles on a treadmill. A long time, … Continue reading

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Triathlons bring out the beast or just the best of us

Yes, all this sounds pathetic in some respect. But it’s par for the course to be nervous about some aspect of the triathlon when you’re starting out. Some find the idea of riding a bike in traffic disarming, or find the run portion daunting. Yet as you train you eventually overcome your fears. Then come longer courses and challenges like open water swims, hilly bikes and hot runs. That’s the so-called “charm” of the sport. It never really gets easier. You just go longer, faster or grow obsessed in the process. Continue reading

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