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Cold, hard facts

We’ve been spending some good time on the indoor track, seeing results in our efforts. As a specific result, my wife Sue is learning the beauty of speed training and how it makes your base pace and even your race … Continue reading

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Some optics from Ironman Louisville

My wife completed Ironman Louisville with a one-hour personal record for the full distance. This was her second 140.6. The first was a similarly hilly course in Madison, Wisconsin. So she’s got two under her race belt and learned so … Continue reading

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Louisville Ironman awaits

If the weather moderates as is predicted here in Louiseville, with only shreds of rain versus sheets of it, the day might be quite good for racing after all. We arrived on Thursday evening and have had ample time to … Continue reading

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Ironman Duty

Around the world there are people for whom Ironman training is a full-time occupation. Obviously they possess certain gifts of endurance and focus. As athletes we might be a tad envious of them. But truly, despite their triathlon prowess, they … Continue reading

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The TriSherpa’s role

There are four weeks until my wife’s Ironman in Louisville. Her training is going well. That is not to say it is going easily. Fifteen miles of running on a mid-September day with temps in the 80s is a sweaty … Continue reading

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With respect to civility in Kentucky

We’ve been riding the roads east of Louisville, Kentucky for a couple days now. This has been a treat in terms of terrain. The hills are both beautiful and challenging. But the stunning aspect of cycling the roads here is … Continue reading

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On becoming an Ironman or something like it

By Christopher Cudworth The mission of Ironman weekend in Madison, Wisconsin was clear. Drive up to Madison on Saturday. Hang with the Experience Triathlon crew for the pre-race dinner. Get up early to watch the swim start at dawn. Work as … Continue reading

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