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The world makes more sense when you take out a couple zeros

This morning at swim I arrived five minutes late and struggled to get my gear into place. Finally, things were ready and I wandered over to the dry erase board to study the assigned workout. Bullets swim coach Chris Colburn … Continue reading

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Embracing our animal characteristics

  While sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for a physician’s assistant to look at the weird bruise I picked up on the back of my arm, I glanced through a children’s nature magazine sitting on the counter. And there … Continue reading

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What it means to have good legs

When watching a cycling or triathlon broadcast, one often hears the announcers refer to an athlete as having “good legs.” And while that is often true in the sense of appearance, the condition to which they’re actually referring is the … Continue reading

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Stoned band of Olympians arrives weeks late for Rio games

It happens now and again that athletes get mixed up in activities that are not exactly conducive to racing or training. It now appears that a band of athletes from six different countries got waylaid by their own party plans … Continue reading

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The wonderfully sexy world of hip flexors

We’re not super big into technical discussions here at WeRunandRide. But we do believe in basic instinctual lessons that can help those who run, ride and swim to be healthy and keep active. Which is why it’s time to talk … Continue reading

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From paper boy to pool boy

The first three minutes when you wake up at 4:45 a.m. to go swimming at 5:30 a.m. can be pure hell. Typically you’re waking from a deep sleep at that hour. With your head still pinned to a pillow and … Continue reading

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Honey I Shrunk The Bike

I have a confession to make. I’m sitting here eating the last bowl of cereal from a box of Cap’n Crunch that I purchased on sale at our local Jewel grocery store. It was a bit of nostalgia to into … Continue reading

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When you’re feeling gassed

Last night I just took a night off. The week had been full of workouts already. Morning swims on both Monday and Wednesday. Cycling all three days. Some hard riding, some easy. So I was feeling a bit gassed by … Continue reading

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Through clouds and winds and mountains

We’re called Flatlanders here in Illinois for a reason. The terrain does not feature many hills, much less mountains. 150 miles to the north, west of Madison, there are plenty of hills. We travel there to ride the Ironman course … Continue reading

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Gotta Love A Locker Room

The timeworn cliche of a rough old coach on the playing field calling an end to practice by yelling, “Hit the lockers, boys…” may not be what it used to be. Times have changed. Some kids refuse to use the locker … Continue reading

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