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50 Years of Running: Transition times

As a triathlete, I’ve gotten used to the term “transition times” to indicate how long it takes to go from swim-to-bike to bike-to-swim. The first time I did a duathlon, before I took to swimming along with running and cycling, … Continue reading

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Triathletes are intimately aware of the difficulties of making transitions from one sport to another. The transition from swim to bike, and from bike to run each requires a change of equipment and a new mode of engagement. While the … Continue reading

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Embracing our animal characteristics

  While sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for a physician’s assistant to look at the weird bruise I picked up on the back of my arm, I glanced through a children’s nature magazine sitting on the counter. And there … Continue reading

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It’s all about the transitions

Turns out you could actually use a little time in transition to reassess your values and figure out the many things in life that are not so perfect about you. Some might even be painfully neglected. A dose of reality and humility can be the toughest transition of all. That’s one of the tarsnakes of life. Continue reading

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Share the Road. Who, me?

By Christopher Cudworth I have an ugly little confession to make. No, it’s not that I look dopey in this picture. It’s that I hate sharing the road with some kinds of cyclists as much as you do. C’mon, admit … Continue reading

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