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50 Years of Running: Rough surfaces and deep dives

The winter of 1977 was, like so many winters in the late 1970s and early 80s, as cold as hell and frozen over. We trained through the cold by running on snow-packed roads. We’d often leave in the near-dark and … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Let’s steeple people.

The spring track season in 1976 broke typically cool, windy, and wet. Not great weather for any type of runner. The sprinters sought to avoid muscle pulls while the distance runners suffered in shorts through cold winds, puddles on the … Continue reading

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Confessions of a mediocre jumper

Somewhere in the late 1960s as a student at Martin Meylin Junior High near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was introduced to the sport of track and field. One of the events I tried was the high jump. At that time, the … Continue reading

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Have you ever had food poisoning from a restaurant?

While we’re all eager to get back to dining out, and restaurants welcome us back in the wake of this pandemic, it is a good time to appreciate the laws governing healthy food handling practices. In case you don’t realize … Continue reading

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On April and track and field

Ever since 1970, when I was an immensely skinny 8th-grader competing in track and field for the first time, April has been a vexation on my body and my soul. I too-well recall stripping off sweatpants to stand shivering in … Continue reading

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What you can actually learn from a world-class steeplechaser

Watching running videos on YouTube can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. It can also be quite instructive. Recently I watched a video celebrating a world-class steeplechaser named Conseslus Kipruto. Like many African distance running athletes, he seems … Continue reading

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Get fit while lying down (and be like Emma)

I follow American steeplechaser Emma Coburn on Instagram. She even provided answers to her success through an interview published on this blog.  This week she posted a hyper little demonstration of how she uses a fitness band to improve the … Continue reading

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One Sweet Season: Volume One

This will be the first in an installment of eight blogs about a cross country season forty years ago. Over the next eight Thursdays, I will recount a most significant period in life,  entering a senior year in college. That’s … Continue reading

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When the track calls you back

Those of us that ran track and field in high school or college feel quite at home doing intervals on a running track. That’s not the case for many people who did not have that opportunity. They seem to dread … Continue reading

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Testing, testing

I’ve never been the best test-taker in the world. Part of my challenge is what my brothers and I call Artistic ADD. All through grade school and high school I struggled with the ability to pay attention. There were times … Continue reading

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