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One Sweet Season: Volume One

This will be the first in an installment of eight blogs about a cross country season forty years ago. Over the next eight Thursdays, I will recount a most significant period in life,  entering a senior year in college. That’s … Continue reading

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When the track calls you back

Those of us that ran track and field in high school or college feel quite at home doing intervals on a running track. That’s not the case for many people who did not have that opportunity. They seem to dread … Continue reading

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Testing, testing

I’ve never been the best test-taker in the world. Part of my challenge is what my brothers and I call Artistic ADD. All through grade school and high school I struggled with the ability to pay attention. There were times … Continue reading

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Best efforts

Thirty years ago sportswriter Kenny Moore published a compilation of his best writing about runners for Sports Illustrated. His stories included profiles of people such as David Moorcroft, the British runner who ran 13:01 for 5000 meters, breaking the world … Continue reading

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Triathletes are intimately aware of the difficulties of making transitions from one sport to another. The transition from swim to bike, and from bike to run each requires a change of equipment and a new mode of engagement. While the … Continue reading

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The danger of an unworthy opponent

Our college track team drove five hours to compete in a track meet at Buena Vista college in the far western corner of Iowa. The ride out was boring, to say the least. One of those rides that can sap … Continue reading

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Never too early. Never too late. To get fit or race.

The North Central College All-Comers meets are an annual tradition in May. The meets offer an opportunity for many runners to get in one more race using their hard-won fitness before summer rolls around. The meets are also important opportunities … Continue reading

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Honestly, you should never lie about your best times

By Christopher Cudworth While swimming at the XSport fitness center this past week, I noticed an athlete in the pool who seemed to know what he was doing. His swimming form was smooth and strong. When he stopped after a … Continue reading

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Problem solving on the run has a poster child

By Christopher Cudworth There are two types of problems that need to be solved in this world. 1) Immediate problems, such as things going wrong right now. 2) Long term problems, as in challenges that need to be solved through … Continue reading

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It’s not that far to fall

Running and riding both have their risks. Cyclists, however, are at greater risk of falling than runners. But that does not preclude those who run from exercising some caution, or at least watching where they step. Goof or Consequences The … Continue reading

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