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Giving it your all even if you’re not the prettiest in the pack

Earlier this week I was scrolling through YouTube videos letting the algorithms toss old road and track races my way when a mid-80s video of the Gasparilla 15K popped up in the feed. The race featured a few familiar names … Continue reading

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God spare me the white shoes of death

What you’re about to read is insulting to many people. But either I’m honest about what I think about life or I should quit writing. And I’d rather cease existing than do that. So here goes. See those shoes in … Continue reading

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Get fit while lying down (and be like Emma)

I follow American steeplechaser Emma Coburn on Instagram. She even provided answers to her success through an interview published on this blog.  This week she posted a hyper little demonstration of how she uses a fitness band to improve the … Continue reading

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Taking back my legs

wear running shorts that bottom out 4″ above my knees. But I admit that I’m conflicted by that. When I run past a window and see those long shorts in the window, I feel like I look slow. Like a jogger, not a racer. Continue reading

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Good design and how it affects your running and riding

By Christopher Cudworth I’m one of those people that rode the wave of graphic design technology all the way from Rubylith to Adobe Creative Suite. If you don’t know what I mean, here’s a simpler version. Prior to the Mac, … Continue reading

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Excuse me, Sir or Madam. Are you going to wear those running shoes forever?

Forever shoes. That’s how people who buy and wear running shoes for daily wear but are not really runners seem to view their rubbery footwear. Example: Standing in line one morning behind a woman wearing a pair of near-legacy New … Continue reading

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