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Tarsnakes, like the namesake tar patterns on roads across America, are in the context of this blog any allegorical event, thought or other phenomena that can trip you up along the way, or cause you to swerve or even crash. While tarsnakes are usually best avoided, at times they are unavoidable. And so, we discuss how to deal with these “life events” that either affect or stem from your running and riding.

Still, a tarsnake or other road or surface feature when viewed up close can reveal hidden beauty and perhaps even wisdom.

Checking in and out with Game of Thrones

As a triathlete whose bulk of time is spent swimming, riding or running, I’ve not always had the time to engage with every great series on HBO, Starz or other cable delights. I’ll confess to watching much of the late, … Continue reading

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Closed for business. As if.

Our two-mile drive to the fitness center was all for naught this morning. It was closed for business due to overnight temperatures exceeding twenty-five below zero. Plenty of places have been closed for business across Illinois. Workers in a wide … Continue reading

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On the prowl, and what do you abide?

There have been times in my life when I’ve blamed myself for not taking enough initiative. That was particularly true back when I was dating in my teens and early 20s. My foibles with women were as comic as any … Continue reading

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Have you ever been broken?

Recently a young runner friend who is just a year out of college made a confession on Facebook. He related his experience with depression and urged others to seek help and counseling. Depression can leave a person feeling defeated and … Continue reading

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Jaw-dropping, grossout special edition: swimming in public pools and lakes can make you sick

This week I bumped into two separate stories about swimming in public pools. Both made me feel sick about it. One was an hilariously disgusting piece created by The Onion, America’s satiric news media outlet. Click through to make yourself … Continue reading

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Not exactly razor sharp

I recall a workout during my peak competitive years in which the plan was to do a track session of 8 X 400M at a pace of 60-63 seconds each. I was sharpening for a track race in which my … Continue reading

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One headlight

This morning brought a thick coat of ice on the car windows. I ran the defroster and squirted window wiper fluid to melt down the ice because the scraper in my car might or might not have been under the … Continue reading

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Embracing the unincorporated you

Fall can be such a conflicted season. With the weather changing from warm to cool, there are still hot days in September that fool you into thinking the weather is not really going to change. Just yesterday while starting out … Continue reading

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Itching to defend Blackhawks player Marian Hossa

It’s likely there are a few people that can’t imagine why Chicago Blackhawks hockey player Marian Hossa is being forced to take a year off. The official statement by Hossa says that he is experiencing a “progressive” skin condition caused … Continue reading

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A bit of “On Your Left” is not too much to ask of cyclists

The advent of the modern day bicycle trail with its twelve-to-twenty foot width has created wonderful opportunities for runners and cyclists around the world to enjoy dedicated exercise space. But for the most part, these same trails constitute a “shared … Continue reading

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