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Holidayman triathlon welcomes happy misfits

First: a funny story. This year’s winner of the Holidayman sprint triathlon was Eda Davidman. She returned to win the race this year after apparently riding off the course last year, thus taking an unintentional “holiday” in the nearby town … Continue reading

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It’s all there in the laundry

With two people in a marriage training and racing, a lot of laundry goes through the cycle on a weekly basis. My wife Sue is in training for Ironman Louisville. Summer calls for two workouts a day in combinations of … Continue reading

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The Dragoon and The Blaggard

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us like a good revenge story. Almost every Clint Eastwood movie from the 1970s was about revenge. You know the plot. Cowboy gets beat up. Cowboy goes into hiding. Cowboy … Continue reading

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I’m sixty years old today. And I was born this way.

My mother once told me that I was born at 7:00 in the morning. That fits. It is my time of day. So many mornings I have risen for workouts that started at 7:00 a.m, or earlier. It’s like being … Continue reading

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The pleasures and perils of positive thinking

Positive thinking has a great reputation for changing lives, empowering individuals against adversity and helping people cognitively cope with otherwise debilitating conditions of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem brought on by issues of abuse or other negative life experiences. That … Continue reading

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Riding up to Chuck’s

It is a sixty-three mile ride up to Chuck’s Lakeshore Inn from St. Charles, Illinois to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It’s a tradition we cherish each summer. The route we take is all backroads and has been handed down from generations … Continue reading

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Some days it pays to weed your own mind

Last night… Hoo boy, last night’s run was really hot. And humid. I ran 5.7 miles at 9:34 pace and it felt like a lot more miles than that. I even walked at some points. At some points the humidity … Continue reading

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The thing about real food

As a runner I used to avoid eating anything for hours before training or races. My stomach just couldn’t handle it. I’d throw up if there was food in my gut during a race. Even Gatorade made me puke. It … Continue reading

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The jury is still out

I’ve been fortunate to not have much legal trouble in my life. Oh sure, there was that snafu a few years ago in which I learned how Chicago judges operate on labor laws, but beyond that, it has been largely … Continue reading

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I break for dogs and people

It’s a longtime habit of mine to stop and talk to people with dogs. Even in the middle of a run, or out on a bike ride at times, I will take a break to pet a friendly-looking dog and … Continue reading

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