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Running those personal oxbows

“When I look back, boy I musta been green, bopping in the country, fishing in the stream, looking for an answer, trying to find a sign, until I saw your city life, honey I was blind…” Elton John, Honky Cat … Continue reading

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It’s Ironman weekend I’m afraid

Last summer at this time, my significant other was in the final stages of taper for the Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin. She had trained through heat and rain and cold going all the way back through spring. I did a … Continue reading

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Secrets to successful high intensity workouts

Shhhhh! I met up with a younger woman at the track this morning. So, that’s the secret. Of course, it had nothing to do with having an affair or anything like that. I was interviewing her for an upcoming article. … Continue reading

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“Christopher Cudworth, You’re NOT an Ironman!”

As I anxiously waited for my girlfriend Sue to finish her long day’s journey into night to accomplish the goal of finishing her first-ever Ironman, I stood near the finish line listening to the famous announcer proclaim to each finishing … Continue reading

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Did you have a good summer?

This time of year it is inevitable to think back on the months of June, July and August and ask yourself, “Did I have a good summer?” So I’m going to offer up a little perspective to help you think … Continue reading

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