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“Believe in something” is good advice from Nike

I was seventeen years old and a high school distance runner when my coach handed me a pair of blue shoes with a white swoosh on the side. “Here,” he told me. “Try these on. They’re from a new company … Continue reading

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Summer lovin’ 1972

Those formative years of distance running remain special to me because everything was still so new. The sensations wrought from running farther than I ever imagined possible were both stimulating and daunting. Coming off a freshman year cross country season … Continue reading

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We were only freshman…

This morning on the way to work I arrived at a Stop sign where two major streets intersect at the edge of our town. The sun was directly ahead of me with beams pouring down the avenue. As my Subaru … Continue reading

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Past perfect weather predictions

During brilliant fall weather in the college October cross country season, I used to joke with teammates by saying, “We won’t have weather like this till April 10!” Winters back then tended to be dark, cold and unrelenting. After November’s … Continue reading

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Competitive nature and grace

The election season is almost over. The political debates on social media ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn to Pinterest, for God’s Sake, are almost through. It struck me last night that the last two years have been like a prolonged … Continue reading

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The secret to love what you’re doing when you run, ride and swim

Motivation is the power source of all performance. Without motivation, there is no will to work. Without the will to work, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no achievement. And without the┬ápotential for achievement, there is no real … Continue reading

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Past imperfect

The imperfect is a verb form, found in various languages, which combines past tense (reference to a past time) and imperfective aspect (reference to a continuing or repeated event or state). It can therefore have meanings similar to the English … Continue reading

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Making it happen

This past summer while shopping for running shoes at Naperville Running Company, I met a young man that worked at the shop during breaks between school years at North Central College. We talked about running for a bit and one … Continue reading

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A place to run through time

Yesterday I ran in Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, a large park on the west side of St. Charles, Illinois where I went to high school. The preserve is a mix of grassy hills, mature oak woodlands and former farm and … Continue reading

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Meet Maura, a great little runner to know

A few weeks ago following an Experience Triathlon Run Club, I sat and talked with Elena Tawney, a former high school runner and soccer player that has taken up the triathlon. We shared some stories about running and she brought … Continue reading

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