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360 Degrees of Suck

The thing I’ve always both loved and hated about running is its empiricism. Either you run fast enough to win or place or you don’t. At times, when I was running well, that harsh reality was a blessing. During periods … Continue reading

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A minute can last a lifetime

I had a nice conversation yesterday with Craig Virgin, one of America’s greatest distance runners whose 27:29 10K still ranks in the top ten all-time. He was also a three-time Olympian We talked about his book Virgin Territory, which I … Continue reading

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Two great sources of motivation: “better than” and “better for”

As young athletes, we frequently spend all our time trying to be “better than” others. We train hard to get better times. We race hard to get better places. We take home trophies or medals if we’re lucky. Those serve … Continue reading

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On becoming a grown-ass athlete

In one of those social waves that seem to wash over culture now and then, I’ve been hearing the term “grown-ass” thrown around quite a bit lately. Radio talk show hosts are using the term ‘grown-ass’ to describe all sorts … Continue reading

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Finding your motivation

It would be nice if the motivation to work out and improve performance could be stumbled upon like some glowing blue object in a video game. “Oh look!” you could marvel. “A big chunk of motivation! I’ll put that in … Continue reading

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We’re all adrift in one way or another, until one day, we’re not

This morning we awoke to a layer of snow on the ground that was four inches deep. It was three-below-zero outside, so the snow was light and fluffy. “Low moisture content snow,” I heard the weatherman say. In it’s fluffiest … Continue reading

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Holding on and letting go

We’re all familiar with athletes who used some wrong done against them as motivation to excel. Michael Jordan was cut from the high school basketball team. That early slight drove him to become the greatest player the world has ever seen. … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing what you want

At the age of ten years old, I was determined to learn the art of spinning a basketball on my finger. My hero was Pistol Pete Maravich and I wanted to do everything he could do. So I spent a … Continue reading

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Running or riding to victory means something new

Here’s my philosophy. Running to victory comes to mean something new as you age, but the idea never gets old.

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How do you grade yourself as an athlete?

Getting good grades is one of the ways we measure our success in life. “Making the grade” is also how we’re assessed in business and other pursuits as well. How do you grade yourself as an athlete? Most commonly we … Continue reading

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