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Finding your motivation

It would be nice if the motivation to work out and improve performance could be stumbled upon like some glowing blue object in a video game. “Oh look!” you could marvel. “A big chunk of motivation! I’ll put that in … Continue reading

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What if bikes were named for what really happens out there?

I know. I’ve been so serious lately. Well, life is serious. Except when it isn’t. So, I got a bit of inspiration for silliness from a recent public relations campaign in Britain. The naming rights to a research vessel were submitted … Continue reading

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A beautiful way to ride more

In all things of importance in this world, perhaps owning a nice bike isn’t the top priority. But while researching my next bike after crunching my Felt 4C while pulling into the garage following a long, tired ride in which I … Continue reading

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Get your FTP face on

Cyclists love empiric data. As they say in so many endurance sports, the numbers don’t lie. And yet most endurance athletes with any amount of experience grow pretty good at lying to themselves. It’s a necessity some days. When the … Continue reading

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10 bikes you’ll never see on the market

At We Run and Ride, we confess to a certain lust for new bikes. When the annual Bike Porn issues from Bicycling or Velo magazines, we pore through the reviews wondering what it would really be like to own one of … Continue reading

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On why the cycling world seems obsessed with the colors red, white and black

By Christopher Cudworth True to the Red, White and Black. That’s the world of cycling. In fact a recent review of new bikes in Bicycling magazine made mention of the fact that so many road bikes seem to feature a … Continue reading

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A better bike fitting is a worthwhile investment

By Christopher Cudworth Sometimes the threads of destiny are thin and tenuous. Other times they appear in the signature of an email. Such was the case when the announcement for a local group ride showed up in my Inbox. At … Continue reading

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