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Time on your own

The idea of tracking a run or a ride by satellite on some days just seems intrusive. Who really, truly needs to know what you’re doing? Perhaps even you don’t need or want to know what you’re doing. Just go … Continue reading

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And silver tarsnakes in the setting sun

On the heels of a longer bike ride on Sunday, the opportunity to ride on Monday seemed like an extravagance. But the weather was near perfect: 70 degrees and sunny. So I pulled out the Batavia kit in red, black … Continue reading

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Out and back and all points in between

We rode familiar roads this weekend. The exact same route back as out. One could call that boring or engaging. It’s all about the company. Five triathletes. Two on road bikes. At one point during the return trip, a rider in … Continue reading

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Obama, Trump and Caddyshack golf

Images of Donald Trump on the golf course have me laughing a little. In both appearance and demeanor on and around the course, he resembles the Rodney Dangerfield character in the movie Caddyshack. It’s all quite funny considering how much … Continue reading

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Pushing pedals and peddling pushes

On Saturday we rode with a group of triathletes from the City of Naperville out to Yorkville and back. The first few miles are classic white bread suburbia. Boulevards and subdivisions. Ride in a bunch and watch out for minivans. … Continue reading

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When the gear slips, the gears slip

Yesterday I wore a pair of Cordogan shoes to work. They complemented the peach Oxford shirt and olive pants I’d paired up from the closet. Sue said, “You look nice.” But they are old shoes, having been handed to me … Continue reading

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Weight, weight, don’t tell me (too)

It’s a fact. Endurance athletes can lose weight by not stepping on the scale. The pounds just fly off when you ignore reality. Avoid the numbers. Kick the digital reality to the curb. This is true only because our bodies tend weigh … Continue reading

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Through bloodroot and moonglow we go

Some might consider the things I consider sacred a bit silly. One of these is the bloom of bloodroot in the spring woods. It flowers in April. The petals do not last more than a few precious days. Its leaves look … Continue reading

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Some hungry cats teach a lesson about being “hangry” from hunger

As Sue leaned over to give me a kiss before leaving for Master’s Swim this morning, she whispered, “Don’t go running. There are big storms coming.” I checked the Weather Channel app after she left and the entire face of the … Continue reading

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A bright idea to commute by foot

Last night I left the car at the Geneva train station and ran home. Sue was arriving on the 6:34 Metra from Chicago, but it was only 5:45 when I arrived from work at the station. I’d planned ahead to … Continue reading

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