A bright idea to commute by foot

Bright Kind of GuyLast night I left the car at the Geneva train station and ran home. Sue was arriving on the 6:34 Metra from Chicago, but it was only 5:45 when I arrived from work at the station. I’d planned ahead to bring my running gear and make the trip home on foot.

I’m not sure, but I think that bright yellow gear is actually breeding in my dresser drawers. Every time I reach in there, a new bright set of socks or calf sleeves jumps out and says, “Put me on! I’m bright! I’m fun!”

The Twentysomethings at home have branded me the Human Highlighter. I also have cycling gear that is just as bright. Bontrager is marketing a line of cycling gear that is all about ‘being seen.’ They even sell a Day-Glo and also reflective bike jacket for night riding. Take note: Severe gear lust on that one. But as the sole review (see below pic) on the Bontrager website notes, it runs a little small.


Bontrager Velocis Halo S1 Softshell Jacket

It is a bright and innovatively reflective jacket with comfortable stretch fabric. It is not true to size; it is too small. The arms are particularly tight. There is not much room to wear anything long sleeved underneath it.

Bummer. Bright but tight. So not quite right.

What I can say about my bright outfit yesterday is that while running home I got a couple honks on the horn and a few waves. People liked my insanely bright outfit. I ran 6.5 miles with a breeze behind me the whole way. Threw in some mid-8:00 miles during the middle part of the run and left Strava to wonder when I might be making the return trip.

I can’t guarantee that I’ve got the wits to match my bright outfit. There are a lot of bright, smart people in this world. The rest of us compensate with gear that makes us stand out in other ways.



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