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Hanging with the twenty-somethings

  With the Cudworth-Astra wedding coming up in May, everyone in our household is knocking out workouts to get in shape for the dresses and tuxedos we’ll be wearing. The treadmill in the workout room has gotten quite a bit … Continue reading

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Weight, weight don’t tell me who won the Super Bowl

We attended a very nice Super Bowl party hosted by some triathlon friends. The game was both fun and strange to watch. It was more like two games packed into one. The Falcons won the first part, the Patriots the … Continue reading

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On track for a good year

The temperature outside this morning was eleven degrees. The Weather Channel app said it felt like minus nine. My running gear was laid out next to the bed as I rose to put in my contact lenses at 6:00 a.m. … Continue reading

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Better get a move on

When we prepare for a competitive event such as a triathlon, there are many moving parts that must fall into place. There’s the training for each sport with all its many challenges. Then there is always the equipment to consider … Continue reading

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Be thankful if you’re not decommissioned

There are not many statistics about how many endurance athletes are forced to give up their sports due to injury or other conditions. But it happens. And if you’re still running, riding and swimming, you should be thankful. Not everyone … Continue reading

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The enduring values of women and the sickness in some men

I have no exciting race or training news to share because this weekend I was sick. I’ve been sick before. And I’ll be sick again. This time was diarrhea, nausea and sweat-soaked chills. But rather than complain about it, I visited briefly … Continue reading

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The secret to love what you’re doing when you run, ride and swim

Motivation is the power source of all performance. Without motivation, there is no will to work. Without the will to work, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no achievement. And without the potential for achievement, there is no real … Continue reading

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A simple technique to running faster that is simple, hard, and it works

With all the theory and articles written about how to become a faster runner at any distance, there is one simple thing you must do to improve your speed, your stride and your overall race pace at any distance. Run … Continue reading

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