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Early risers who run, ride and swim

This morning while walking the dog I turned the corner and the view down the street was perfectly composed. A rising sun seemed to be following a course through the space between the trees. Of course that’s all an illusion … Continue reading

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Back to school

When the light begins to change in August and kids head back to school, ancient instincts rise within the mind. For those of us that competed in running and the fall sport of cross country, these August days smell and taste of … Continue reading

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A successful experiment with the Waterford bike

A while back I wrote about the difficulty I’ve been having at the competitive level in duathlons and triathlons getting good results in the bike segment. No matter how hard I rode on my Felt 4C, or how I managed … Continue reading

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On race and running

The coaches for the primarily black teams were always big personalities it seems. They would move around the track keeping kids in check all day, organizing relay teams and keeping an eye on the focus of their best athletes.

As a white kid from the suburbs it was enlightening to see this leadership in progress. What I knew of leadership in the black community was from big-world events in the mid-to-late 1960s. I was in grade school when John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their hands in black gloves in protest on the Olympic podium. We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr., in school, and we knew that he’d advocated peaceful protest as a means to achieve equality for black people in America. We also knew that he was assassinated by someone that was afraid of what he had to say. That was my take anyway. Continue reading

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There’s a party going on right here

The morning after a party requires a bit of domestic forensic examination. There is a forgotten salad on the counter mixing it up with the microbes of the universe. Large bowls of Flaming Hot Cheetos and Fritos sit uncovered. A … Continue reading

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It takes courage to go slow sometimes

One of the principal lessons in distance training over the years came in the most unexpected way. I had moved out to the Philadelphia area for work when I was 23 years old, and went looking for a group of … Continue reading

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The long running take on tarsnakes

Walking up to the door of the Starbucks in a neighboring town, I looked down to see a clearly marked footprint on the street. You don’t often see footprints made from tar on many streets. That’s a pretty remarkable fact … Continue reading

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Swimming to a place that no longer exists

Recently a fellow from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania contacted me through email. Greetings, Chris. I did an online search of the Meadia Heights Swim Team and found your article regarding your time on the team.  I live in Lancaster, PA and … Continue reading

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The sweet music of a summer run

It’s been a bit chaotic the last couple days. My girlfriend’s beautiful little cat Bennie got out of the house and hasn’t come back in. Last night I had him in my hands for a second but he’s a feisty … Continue reading

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It’s a giant game of chicken on the roads

So you see it really is the product of a mindset of dominance and violence of one “tribe” of people toward another. Granted there are elements of prick cyclists making it worse for everyone. Yet the mere fact of existing as an entity on the roads is motivation for the haters to move forward with an agenda of aggression toward cyclists. These actions are protected by laws governing free speech, but at some point the hate does convene into action. And who is then responsible? Continue reading

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